Cracks asphalt easily

Cracking in the area of ​​the shock absorber (front right) when driving over bumps.

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possibly these are metal sheets in the area of ​​the A-pillar that hit each other if there are bumps. I had this on the left A-pillar.

Your Mazda dealer should be aware of this problem. Depending on the VIN, there are repair instructions for the dealer who slightly spreads the sheets at a certain point. It only costs you 30 minutes to wait ...

In any case, since this small but effective measure I have had complete peace inside the car.
Can you possibly say the number of the repair manual?
I would be interested too

greetings Sunny
Oh great you are awesome. I saw that for the first time today. It's on the left with me ...
Did you hear the Pampersbomber crack or creak?
I have noises like that too. But can not localize it so precisely. But could come from there. It sounds like two metal sheets or plastic parts rattling against each other. And it gets more and more over time. I'll register with the FMH for a test drive, maybe that's the problem.
Hello 19Andi73,

yes, there was an annoying crackle to be heard with every bump, especially in colder weather. It got a little better in the spring.

Only when my dealer pointed out this possible error to me and suspected the phenomenon of the two metal sheets on the A-pillar did a lot of things become clear to me. Due to the temperature fluctuations, the sheets could expand / contract more easily and give "a concert" in the event of unevenness.

Without knowing this, you think of your own seat rail / defective seat, for example. It is extremely difficult for the driver to locate where the noise is coming from. It is best to send the workshop foreman on a test drive with you and choose a route that is as undulating as possible.
It is best to send the workshop foreman on a test drive with you and choose a route that is as undulating as possible.

Thank you, I'll do it when the opportunity arises, at the latest when the USB problem is fixed, or I'll do it myself. Then we'll see if it works in my case.

Greetings, 19Andi73.
Moin Moin we had a similar problem with the "small" car of the best wife of all. The specialist immediately diagnosed the coupling rods. I don't know how the whole thing is solved with our cars, but one possibility would be .....
Hurray, finally quiet in the car. Talked to the master on the phone yesterday and described the problem, had an appointment today. Took two hours and now everything is fine. Thanks to Pamperspomper's tip. ☺ The workshop took care of both points at once. Once the cowl and then the A-pillar.
I am very happy that you now also have a "quiet" driving experience!

"Wrinkle-free" ride!

So I had it fixed and even if mine is almost two years older than actually possible with the campaign, it has brought a significant improvement.