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Beauty - why we are more beautiful than we think

What is beauty Can we argue about taste or is only that which the media sell us as beautiful as beautiful? It almost seems like it and that's tragic, because never before have we been constantly confronted with so much beauty on all channels. Whether magazine, television or social media - beauty lurks everywhere. Not even the bus shelter at the bus stop is good for taking a breather, because the next large-format poster is guaranteed to be waiting for us there too. This is not without consequences, because in the face of all these beauties, we suddenly feel ugly.

Beauty is doable

Christiane Zschirnt wrote for her book "We are beautiful" We had conversations with different women and all admitted to getting through it Compulsion to beauty to feel pressured. For many women, that was even synonymous with one Restriction of quality of life. [1] No wonder if the first sunny days in spring no longer stand for fun and ease, but are a reminder to get the body in shape quickly with exercise and diet. And before reaching for a light dress, please put on a little self-tanner for the perfect degree of tan. Christiane Zschirnt writes:

“The seasoned power woman is as insecure as the fear of not looking good. Nothing offends the alpha girl like being suspected of not being sexy. Hardly anything affects the "strong woman" as much as a visibly bloated stomach. " [1]


But what is a bloated stomach compared to wrinkles, weakening connective tissue or body parts that do not meet the beauty norm? It's good that there are creams, expensive beauty treatments or, if necessary, a scalpel to help the beauty on its way. And that is probably necessary because the beautiful appearance is becoming more and more important.

Beauty as an achievement

According to trend researcher Europa Bendig, the requirement to be slim and stylish is at the top of the beauty hierarchy. The reason for this is simple:

"Today a big belly is an expression of wrong consumer behavior, wrong way of life, wrong decisions, lack of control and thus a lack of management skills."

Waltraud Posch writes in "Project Body". [2] Who one certain social class would like to belong, so there is no avoiding the ones that apply there Standards of beauty adapt. Sobering: The acceptance of imperfect bodies is dwindling, according to Waltraud Posch.

Unattainable beauty

The nicer the better. Too bad that what we now think is beautiful because we should think it's beautiful no longer has much to do with reality.

  • Misleading ideal images: Thanks to image processing and aesthetic surgery, the bar for beauty is not only unattainably high, the body stylized as an ideal is also unattainable for normal mortals. In the coveted "Tits on Sticks" look, optimized by means of image processing, the female and busty upper body sits on an extremely narrow-hipped lower body, which roughly corresponds to the stage of development of a twelve-year-old boy (excluding external sexual characteristics). [3]
  • Bambi effect: The ideal face radiates maturity and childlike at the same time. Unsurprisingly, in tests, the faces with a "child share" of 10 - 50 percent were found to be particularly attractive. A face that cannot be found in reality.
  • Perfect skin:Even the best make-up artists will never be able to simulate such an even skin on a living object as a computer program can. A trick, because during morphing, artificially created faces are superimposed several times. The result is faces that we perceive to be beautiful. And that are too good to be true.

Normal beauty is left behind

Under the constant bombardment of perfectly retouched and staged beauties, the normal woman suddenly appears unattractive. So she will do everything possible to come close to an unattainable ideal. Vain.

"A young girl's chance of looking like a top model edited with Photoshop is around 0.1 percent." [3]


How likely is it that a grown woman looks like this? Nonetheless, countless women, against their better judgment, compare themselves with misleading ideal images. To always get the short straw.

Beauty - between appearance and reality

Although we know the computer-optimized or surgically refined beauty is not real, it will change our perception. Because we cannot prevent, for example, from developing a tolerance for faces that have been poisoned and lifted. At least says doctor and author Ulrich Renz. Difficult times for normal beauties? Not necessarily.

Trend researcher Bendig predicts that Radiance, personality and character will become more important in the future than an appearance that corresponds to a certain aesthetic ideal. [3] That gives reason to hope. Perhaps the realization will finally take hold that a perfect facade is not enough and that true beauty not only comes from within, but is also full of life. And life leaves its mark. Let's make sure that there are laugh lines and not frustration lines because we have too often compared ourselves to unattainable ideals.

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Photo source: iStock / RuslanGuzov