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Flirting On The Internet: The Best Online Flirting Tips

Flirting on the internet is a bit different than meeting a man live and in color. You don't see the other person, you can't react to them spontaneously, you can't look them in the eye while talking, hear irony and humor.

And when you flirt online, you cannot initially impress the other person with your whole personality and charisma, but have to laboriously write yourself into your heart - and also switch off the remaining female competition. So it's not that easy. Here are a few tips on how flirting on the Internet is still easy:

Flirt online: choose your profile picture carefully

The basic rules for flirting on the Internet are clear: You need a picture. Profiles with a picture are clicked up to ten times more often. If you have a picture, please note the following: No fake profile picture - that will be revealed sooner or later anyway.

Not a picture that is ten years old or photoshoped. No half-naked bikini pictures or those that make you look as grim as Angela Merkel. Instead, try a cute portrait that shows you for who you are. Choose a picture that shows you with an open and friendly smile. This goes down well with most men.

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Flirt on the Internet: Personal information that piques interest

Don't fall in the house when flirting on online dating sites, don't mention all of your ailments, illnesses, missteps or love disasters. In the personal details of your profile, tell me something exciting about yourself that makes men curious.

Do you have a crazy hobby, play rugby or love ham sandwiches with jam? Then mention that! After all, you have to stand out from thousands of women with your profile. You have to pull a few aces out of your sleeve.

Online flirting tip: The first message is decisive

If you've spotted a nice guy flirting on the internet and you write to him, basically be brief first. Nobody wants to read a novel of tens of pages by a stranger. Focus a lot more on one thing: the similarities. Is there something in your profiles that connects you? Are you both cat lovers, do you like to cook or are you from the same town? Then use that as a hook. Otherwise, stay friendly, but non-binding. Many men are put off when women seem too "needy" - even when flirting online.

Another option for the first message: Compliment him on why you noticed him and what spoke to you on his profile. And: questions are good! Then the answer will be easier for him.

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Flirting on the Internet: Always Be Polite

If someone writes to you or you write to them, be exactly how you want to be treated by the other person. Nice and respectful. That should be part of the normal tone. A certain relaxed cheerfulness is likely to be contagious in most cases.

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Flirting tip: not too much at once

Take it slow when you flirt online. A little entertaining flirtation that shows the other person that you find them interesting and at the same time arouses or maintains the other's interest - that's what it's all about.

Write him about your day, what you just enjoyed and what little quirks you still have. Always remember: This is a flirt. No interview. So don't text him and don't kill him with too many details. You have time. Only gradually can the casual flirtation turn into a deeper conversation. But even then, the initiative shouldn't always come from you alone. Less is more!

Whether online or analog: attention is a must when flirting

Even if it sounds banal: Pay attention and remember what he wrote. Then you can go into it the next time and don't have to ask charmingly whether he was the one with the cat or the one with the Peugeot. Especially if you write to several candidates and don't know any one personally, you can quickly get confused.

Important: Don't reveal too much about yourself too quickly

For all the looseness that lies in online flirting, remember that there are people who use the anonymity of the Internet for their dubious purposes. If he asks you too quickly for new pictures that show more of you, for bikini photos and nudes, your alarm bells should ring. In such cases, it is better to distance yourself.

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Flirt online: it's okay to ask questions

If he assaults you with intimate preferences and desires or pressures you to meet quickly the first time you meet, ask him openly why he is in such a hurry. It is better to ask beforehand instead of arranging a meeting if you have a bad feeling. Ultimately, both sides should be able to build a little trust.

Flirting on the Internet: When to Swap Numbers?

Did you write a little, flirted and found each other interesting? At some point it gets a bit annoying to constantly write via Tinder and Co. and you suggest switching to other networks and media. For example on Facebook to use messages and chat there or on WhatsApp and the like. Do this when you feel good. If you have stomach pain at the thought of giving him your number, you can say no to his request.

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Online flirt: when to meet?

Sooner or later, while flirting on the internet, the desire to finally see each other in person arises. If he doesn't ask for a date at all, you can take action yourself. If your online flirt doesn't respond, or if they keep finding excuses why they don't have time for a face-to-face meeting, then you should check them off.

It's just like this: If he is seriously interested in you, then he will shovel free time for you. Excuses are a sign that he isn't serious about you. In that case, you should refrain from online flirting before you develop deep (unrequited) feelings.

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