Have you ever had a useless education?

German Trade Union Confederation

Good afternoon dear Dr. Trainee team.

My Name is philipp.

I am writing your request to you on behalf of and in the interest of my friend (Jaqueline).

I'll start roughly first.

I live with my girlfriend and "your" son .. Say she brought him with her. We all moved in together 2 years ago.

I'm doing an apprenticeship and will soon have completed it.

My girlfriend is doing a school education (I think). In other words, she has a training contract with a private school to which she pays school fees and at the same time she also has a training company that pays her the training salary.

Now she has a big problem with this company. The company is very familiar and so Jaqueline probably had a few problems at the beginning of her apprenticeship with her reluctant way of getting involved. So we think she will have become a target for a few colleagues. The company is an outpatient care service.

She usually drives with us and helps where she can with what she has received in school. Nobody teaches her at work because she has a training officer, but she has hardly any contact with them. And your colleagues are asking too much for what they could know.

In the case of the colleagues where she rides, she is treated fundamentally badly. These colleagues sometimes drive very dangerously on the road, I can testify to this myself because, due to the proximity of the company to our place of residence, I have often witnessed how more people concentrate on the phone than on the road. This is one reason my girlfriend is afraid of going to work.

However, there was one incident that shocked you and me and your school very much.

Unfortunately Jaqueline became ill during her probationary period, which is 6 months, and so she only had a migraine for 2 days. To make matters worse, our son got sick, which is why she had to stay at home with him after these 2 days. He had gastrointestinal flu which, unfortunately for her, spread to her and she was still at home with gastrointestinal flu for the week after the migraine.

She also has the instruction to stay at home in case of contagious diseases through contact with the patient.

When she came back to work after 2 weeks, the boss wanted to terminate her without notice. However, they were able to agree on a 3 month trial extension. When my friend said how the whole situation is and that she had a contagious disease, the boss only said that she doesn't give a shit what is with her son or with her, she has to come to work. She also said if she gets sick again now, she will definitely be fired.

We are aware that this extension is in no way legal, nor is it excluded and not allowed into the breakfast room during breakfast breaks, and the other trainees are. She is only allowed to clear the table, which she always makes polite and has never shown her displeasure with a single tone.

Now, however, she was blackened by a colleague at her boss that she supposedly always "eats up" and does not follow work instructions. When my friend wanted to comment on this, she was forbidden to speak. It was always like this until now.

Whenever she has the courage to take action against her bullies and say something, she is forbidden to speak. Your training officer probably said once "hold your Fre ** e".

Unfortunately, I noticed the seriousness of the situation very late so that my friend is now terrified of going to work and she also feels sick when she gets up early.

However, she was sick last week and now we are both afraid that she will be terminated without notice, which would not be legal since her regular probationary period of 6 months is over and only this extended probationary period still counts. She would also like to look for a new apprenticeship, but many companies currently have no place and so she has to wait until August to get a new place where she can continue her apprenticeship.

It is by no means that my girlfriend is performing poorly. Sometimes she takes more time for the patients than her colleagues. She is known to many patients as a good and nice woman. In addition, she is a smooth 1 student.

Such statements from her colleagues, such as "she has nothing on it" and "you can't expect something like that anyway" are completely wrong and extremely insulting. Sometimes I wish I could swap with her and sometimes just give the full broadside to every colleague who puts wrong words into her mouth and sneakily expresses herself about her.

I also thought about coming to her company and having a conversation with the boss. Unfortunately I think this is not the right way to go.

That's why I would like to know how I should behave with my girlfriend. What should we do if an unlawful termination comes into our house. We won't have a lot of money to complain about.

And whether it is worth complaining to a company in which she is only bullied is also out of the question. We would like to report the operation to the chamber or a few special colleagues about bullying, but unfortunately we do not know how the legal situation and the success are. She is now very, very desperate and I hope you can help us or her.

With best regards Philipp and Jaqueline

Jaqueline: 12.03.2018 |