Are chiropractors doctors

Chiropractic: When does health insurance pay for the chiropractor?

One wrong movement and suddenly nothing works - your back is on strike. With luck, a sedative will keep you from being completely blocked. More and more patients are placing themselves in the soothing hands of a chiropractor, who can work wonders with targeted movements. However, it is important to check who is laying on the hand - also in order not to be left with the costs yourself.

Without the use of medication, the chiropractor releases joint blockages, relaxes muscle tension and activates the body's self-healing powers by applying gentle pressure to certain nerve tracts. Not only alternative practitioners with appropriate additional qualifications can get the joints moving again and the musculoskeletal system in motion with just a few simple steps. Meanwhile, many doctors also practice the alternative healing method. What many do not know: when the health insurance pays and when not, depends above all on who is performing the chiropractic therapy.

You have to pay for chiropractic therapy yourself - unless ...

When patients have their bones and joints treated by their non-medical practitioner, they usually have to pay for the costs themselves. Statutory health insurance (GKV) only pays if the treating chiropractor is a doctor with appropriate additional training. Because as alternative healing methods belong Chiropractic and osteopathy in itself not part of the regular catalog of services of the statutory health insurance companies.

In some cases you can even Settle alternative practitioners with the health insurance company - namely when the health insurance company includes non-medical treatments such as osteopathy and chiropractic therapy in its tariff. For the targeted laying on of hands after a lumbago, only the maximum costs of the individual sessions and their number per year would be limited. Regardless of whether the chiropractor is a doctor or a non-medical practitioner, the health insurance companies attach particular importance to this Training of the therapist - entirely in the interests of the patient. Because chiropractic is not a protected term in Germany, but simply the name of the treatment method. Chiro practice (cheiro = Greek for hand) basically means nothing more than treatment with the hands.

How to Find a Suitable Chiropractor

While the Additional training for doctors is undisputed, alternative practitioners can decide for themselves which advanced training courses they want to take advantage of: everything is possible, from a three-day crash course to intensive seminars lasting several months. Therefore, patients should always carefully check which therapist is allowed to work on their vertebrae.

An indication of the search for a capable and, at best, also recognized by the health insurance company with a corresponding tariff Osteopaths or chiropractors is for example a master craftsman's certificate or membership in a professional association such as the German-American Society for Chiropractic (DAGC). The easiest way for patients to find out whether the chiropractor actually meets the requirements of the health insurance company is to contact the health insurance company. Most insurers offer online search functions for this purpose.

Who on alternative healing methods by a naturopath If you do not want to do without, even if the health insurer does not pay, you can remedy this with an appropriate supplementary outpatient insurance. This takes over up to 100 percent of the Alternative healing costs like osteopathy and chiropractic. Private health insurers also pay for alternative healing methods according to the so-called Hufeland directory or the fee schedule for alternative practitioners - depending on the contract. To be on the safe side, private patients should always make sure before going to the chiropractor whether the private health insurance will actually cover the costs.