How to say smile in Korean

Korean slangsused online are similar to English slangs. Like the term “lol”, the Korean language also has abbreviations for words and letters. Here is a list of the slangs used in Korean when texting short messages on cell phones and on the Internet.

Abbreviation:Stands for:Importance:
ㅇㅇ응응Yes / Yes
ㄴㄴ노노No no
ㅇㄷ?어디?where are you)?
ㄱㅊ괜찮아요it is OK
ㅎㅎ하하haha (loud laughter)
ㅋㅋ크크keke (laughter, "lol")
ㅂㅂ / ㅂㅇ / ㅂ 2 / ㅃ 2바이 바이bye Bye
486사랑해I love you
8282빨리 빨리fast


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