What is the feeling of rejection

The fear of rejection: This is how you fight them

How does the fear of rejection arise?

The causes of such fears often lie in childhood, as rejections in the Personal development process are particularly formative. For example, if there were conflicts between you and your parents that you haven't fully dealt with until today, this can manifest itself in the form of such fear. But worries about rejection in childhood are not always justified. Often it is also related to our external appearance and our own conception of "beauty". We feel that we are not beautiful enough because we compare ourselves strongly with others. As a result, our self-image is disturbed. Some people have lived with this fear for their entire lifetime and do not learn how to deal with it. In bad cases, this can lead to an anxiety disorder.

People who have rejected us in the past also contribute to the development of this fear. An unrequited or suddenly ended love makes us think we are not good enough or have made a mistake. From this experience we take with us in our minds that the next time we love we will be disappointed and rejected again.

Where does the fear of rejection arise?

We mainly associate the fear of rejection with Relationships and friendships - in fact, it occurs most frequently in these areas. However, fear can also take on a fundamental attitude and thus affect our entire everyday life. The slightest rejection causes us to withdraw from society and develop a social phobia.

How is the fear of rejection expressed?

Both fear of rejection physical, as well as mental Effects on the body. Affected people often think about their actions for days and often do not dare to approach people for fear that their counterpart might discover a mistake. They isolate themselves more and more from the outside world and experience difficulties in overcoming small challenges. Panic attacks, sweating and sleeping problems are physical complaints, while heightened feelings such as hatred, anger and sadness are psychological effects. Physical and psychological problems often go hand in hand with the fear of rejection.