Which is the Best 18 Dating App

The best dating apps in comparison


Members 6.000.000
Men / women distribution

  • Best single exchange in Germany
  • One of the largest dating exchanges in Germany
  • A lot of advertising in the free version
  • Excellent app for flirting fun on the go
  • 10,000+ new registrations every day
  • 2016 test winner of the Stiftung Warentest
  • Lots of great events where you can meet and get to know singles (e.g. free cinema)
  • Costs in a reasonable range

Members 5.000.000
Men / women distribution

  • Single exchange with many awards
  • Approx. 10,000 new members every day
  • Best customer service in the test
  • Answer contact inquiries for free
  • Icebreaker questions for quick contact
  • Photos cannot be shared individually
  • Mid-range costs

Members 2.000.000
Men / women distribution

  • Tinder is a flirting app, especially suitable for 18-25 year olds
  • Tinder is only partially free
  • Using Tinder is really fun
  • Hardly any data protection
  • When registering via Facebook, users must allow access to a lot of their data, such as work or friends
  • Best single exchange in Germany
  • One of the largest dating exchanges in Germany
  • A lot of advertising in the free version
  • Excellent app for flirting fun on the go
  • 10,000+ new registrations every day
  • 2016 test winner of the Stiftung Warentest
  • Lots of great events where you can meet and get to know singles (e.g. free cinema)
  • Costs in a reasonable range
  • Single exchange with many awards
  • Approx. 10,000 new members every day
  • Best customer service in the test
  • Answer contact inquiries free of charge
  • Icebreaker questions for quick contact
  • Photos cannot be shared individually
  • Mid-range costs
  • Tinder is a flirting app, especially suitable for 18-25 year olds
  • Tinder is only partially free
  • Using Tinder is really fun
  • Hardly any data protection
  • When registering via Facebook, users must allow access to a lot of their data, such as work or friends
Free services
  • Create profile
  • Relationship test (restricted)
  • Play date roulette
  • Receive recommendations, use the search mask and view profiles
  • Send smiles
  • Receive messages from Connect members
  • Event calendar
  • Set profile
  • Complete search function
  • Flirtation questions as an icebreaker
  • Contact via "Smiley"
  • Free letters from PLUS members
  • Tinder can be used free of charge in its basic functions
Paid services
  • Read messages and send them indefinitely
  • Psychologically selected partner suggestions
  • Deactivation of advertisements
  • Access to the "Who wants to meet me" list
  • See who was smiling at you
  • Establish contact with all members
  • See who has visited your profile
  • Visit other profiles undetected with the anonymous function
  • Send, read and answer emails
  • To chat
  • See who "smiled at" you
  • Find out who is looking for you
  • View visitor list
  • Every member (not just premium members) can contact you via email and chat
  • You can also use neu.de on your mobile device without any restrictions
  • Personal partner suggestions at partner.de
  • Profile as the top search result
  • Tinder Boost
  • Filter function
  • Unlimited likes and more super likes
  • Undo
  • Tinder passport
  • Instant matches
  • Tinder gold
  • Tinder platinum
Costs and prices
  • 1 month:
    49.99 EUR / month
  • 6 months:
    29.99 EUR / month
  • 12 months:
    19.99 EUR / month
Premium membership
Unlimited messages, special prices for events, verified profile
  • 1 month:
    39.99 EUR / month
  • 3 months:
    29.99 EUR / month
  • 6 months:
    24.99 EUR / month
  • 12 months:
    19.99 EUR / month
Tinder Plus over 28
  • 12 months:
    EUR 6.67 / month
  • 6 months:
    10.00 EUR / month
  • 1 month:
    16.49 EUR / month

Is a dating app right for me?

Dating apps are very popular - there must be a reason too!

For most people, the smartphone has become a constant companion in everyday life and replaces many other gadgets. Why not search for a partner, a nice acquaintance or a spontaneous flirt directly on the practical all-rounder online? Almost 17 million singles live in Germany, each of whom has individual demands on a potential partner. There are countless dating apps on the market, so everyone can find the right provider for them.
You are looking for

  • ... a spontaneous flirt?
  • ... a no-obligation adventure?
  • ... dates near you?
  • ... new acquaintances?

Then you are sure to find what you are looking for at Badoo, Lovoo, Tinder and Co.! The following applies: Not all dating apps are the same. In the meantime, the mobile offers of classic dating agencies such as Elite Partner are also available for download in the app stores, but they differ in their functionality from a classic dating app. Popular apps such as Tinder, Bumble or Lovoo have location functions and have been designed for use on smartphones. Practical if you want to be independent of your current location and thus want to make new contacts flexibly and regardless of location - and always have your smartphone with you anyway. By limiting the radius in which you want to be shown singles, long planning of a date is no longer necessary. Would you like to meet someone spontaneously? Maybe the right match is in your immediate vicinity!

Most dating apps appeal to a young target group between the ages of 18 and 35. However, older users can also be found through user-defined settings, for example the age group. The selection is reduced a bit here, but with over two million registered members, such as Tinder or Lovoo, you should still be able to find the right user for you. Many apps use the “match” function to bring you together - if both sides state that they would like to get to know each other, nothing stands in the way of a flirt.

Dating apps: get to the first match quickly and easily

Match me if you can!

In most cases this is not that difficult, because registration is quick and easy. Registration is possible either via your email address, your mobile phone number or your Facebook account. You can do without long, laboriously compiled texts. When it comes to dating apps, one thing counts above all: the first impression! In addition to the most important component, the appealing images, the basic information such as age, name and a brief description of yourself is usually sufficient. How much you want to disclose is a very personal decision: Either you make it clear to your counterpart from the start what you are looking for, or you go into the chat on your intentions, hobbies and personal information. The Tinder app also offers functions such as linking to the Instagram or Spotify apps to show even more pictures or add your favorite music.

Flirting fun made easy

Many dating apps use a simple structure so that all important functions can be seen at a glance. The design is very appealing and modern with large providers such as Lovoo, Bumble and Badoo. The fun is not neglected either: there is certainly no boredom with lively swiping, liking and matching!

Dating app or would you prefer a single exchange? Take the test!

Swiping on your smartphone or would you prefer to log in to a dating site? Take the test here and find out which suits you better!

Always available and uncomplicated: the advantages of dating apps

The decision to download a dating app is easy for most of them - not least because of the numerous advantages that Tinder and Co. offer.
That speaks for the apps:

  • Flirting is nowhere like that spontaneous and easy like here
  • Do you travel a lot? Through the Location function you can always find nice singles in your area - no matter where you are
  • Dating with Entertainment factor: Swiping and matching not only brings flirtation, but also a lot fun!
  • You can flirt as much as you want without a lot money to spend on it
  • A large selection of potential flirt partners increases the chance of finding exactly the right one
  • Decide uncomplicated and fast, who you like

If one or more of these factors are important to you, nothing stands in the way of registration and your first match! The advantages are as simple as they are ingenious: By registering for free, you can test different apps and choose which functions, which design and which users you like the most. You will meet a lot of people you might never have met. Because dating apps unite very different people on one platform, chatting with your counterpart becomes one thing above all else: exciting! Your flirt partner does not meet your expectations? A match can be resolved as quickly as it originated.
But of course not all that glitters is gold. In the next chapter you will read about the disadvantages and dangers of dating apps.

Privacy and fake profiles: the disadvantages of dating apps

As practical as the location functions of the apps are - the Protection of your personal data should not be neglected. Tinder and Co. have therefore been criticized more often in recent years. Even if improvements to data protection have been continuously integrated by the providers, you should think twice about whether you would like other users to be able to determine where you are to within a kilometer. Also, always keep in mind that logging in via Facebook is very easy, but there is a data exchange between the apps in which a lot of the information you provide is transmitted.

There's no denying that a mere decision on a person's profile picture leads to the match, very much superficial is. This doesn't always have to be a disadvantage for a relaxed, purely physical relationship, but it's still a shame if you don't even get the chance to get to know the other person better because of something small. This changes our dating behavior dramatically: The fast pace and the sometimes missing detailed information make dating apps much more superficial than offers that are used via computer.

So it's no wonder that it's literally aTinder roll can come. Romance? Nothing. Since wiping back and forth creates a real mechanism, it is much more difficult to deal with individual profiles in more detail. It can also happen that potentially suitable partners are simply lost in the crowd of members and are not even “noticed”. The search for a flirt should not be an automatism!

Since creating a profile is very easy, it is hardly surprising that many Fake profiles floating around on dating apps. You should always be careful whether there is really a real person hidden behind the attractive photo. Warning: Fakes can act deceptively real - so it is better to arrange a public place for the first date.

There is a strong one on many apps Imbalance between men and women. A surplus of men therefore makes it easier for women to get hold of a match - and accordingly more difficult for men. In addition, Lovoo, Tinder and Co. unite people with very different intentions. It is better to check beforehand what your flirt partner is really looking for here!

Would you rather try your luck at a dating site?

Free, Premium or VIP - What do dating apps cost?

The good news first: basic functions of dating apps are mostly free. As a beginner, you can confidently take a look around before you accept paid offers.
However, free functions quickly reach their limits, which is why it makes sense to pay for certain functions. This gives you various advantages:

  • Have you accidentally decided against a profile, want to retrieve it and contact the user?
  • Do you want to stand out from the crowd?
  • Do you want to be able to write to an unlimited number of singles?
  • You don't want to be shown any advertisements?

Then a premium version is the right choice for you.

Most free dating sites also run the risk of having a large number of unintentional members signing up. The higher the entry price for a dating portal, the more willing the members are and the higher the chance of success. So if you are looking for a steady partner, then try your luck at one of the dating agencies we have tested.

Looking for great love?

Stand out at any cost? Tips for the perfect dating profile

In order to make the most of your opportunities, one thing counts above all: the perfect dating profile!

First things first: The right photos. Less is often more, but that doesn't mean you should only upload one photo. Choose four to five photos on which your counterpart recognizes who you are and what defines you. Poorly exposed pictures or photos on which you cannot be recognized properly have no business here! To avoid a guessing game, it is best to be alone in the pictures at best. Of course you should show yourself from the best side with your flirt partners - you have it in your hand and are the star of your own profile! However, too much Photoshop or just pictures with Snapchat filters don't go down as well. Are you a passionate musician, athlete or animal lover? Then always with photos of you doing your favorite activities - after all, pictures say more than 1000 words. Here you will find more helpful tips for your perfect profile picture.

The right one is no less important description In profile. You don't have to write a biography here - a few concise information is sufficient. It is up to you whether you want to fall straight into the house with the door or rather act mysteriously. Without any information, however, you are leaving your potential match completely in the dark. What makes you What are you looking for? Before doing this, think about who you want to address with your description. In order not to make the whole thing seem boring, you can also add a funny personal fact about yourself - your match will surely investigate what it's all about - so the start of the conversation is perfect!

Find the right balance with these two components and you will see that your first match will not be long in coming. By the way: The best time to use dating apps is on Sunday afternoons - this is where most of the singles are online.


How do I register on a dating app?

Registration is possible via Facebook, email address or mobile phone number, depending on the app. In order to receive suitable suggestions, information such as your age and a picture of you are essential.

How do I find what I am looking for?

You can make individual settings as to which partner suggestions you want to be displayed. You have the option to filter by age, gender or the distance of other users.

How can I manage my matches?

For example, if you accidentally disband a match, Tinder no longer offers the option to restore it. If you no longer want to be connected to another person, it works without any problems. You accidentally decided against a user who you like? This can be corrected with premium versions.

What kind of people use dating apps?

Dating apps are open to everyone, but are mostly used by the younger generation. Many older people do not have a compatible smartphone or prefer classic dating portals that can be accessed via the computer.

Dating apps, on the other hand, are very popular among students and young professionals. The uncomplicated way of getting to know each other is very much appreciated here. Of course, one or the other from the 40+ generation also gets lost on such an app, but the focus is between 18 and 25 years.

Are there also special dating apps for older people?

Unfortunately, there are currently no suitable dating apps that are specifically aimed only at older people. However, you have the option of using a classic app to search for people who are in a certain age group. So if you only want to see women or men between 30 and 40 or 40 and 50 years of age, you can select that during the search.

What are the weak points of dating apps?

One of the biggest weaknesses of dating apps is their superficiality. This can be easily explained using the example of the dating giant Tinder. Tinder is intended for casual getting to know each other, but is also offered as an app for love. However, the focus is almost exclusively on photos and less on personal words. You have to decide within a few seconds based on a picture whether you want to give someone a chance to get to know each other.There is not enough time to determine whether you might have common interests.

How do I increase my chances with a dating app?

Activity and good photos are the key to success. You can still convince of your personality if you made it onto other users' matching lists with your picture. A personable photo is the first step in getting you swiped onto the right page.

The frequency of app usage also plays a role. If you only check it out sporadically every four weeks, you may have missed a lot of matches again. Checking the matches for a few minutes every day and sending one or the other message can increase your chances of success.

Are Dating Apps Suitable for Serious Dating?

The dating app can also be used to find a partner for life, but it takes longer than with classic dating agencies. The reason for this is that if you have 20 people, first of all you have to sort out those 15 who actually only want sex. Then there are three more who are unfortunately not your type. Of the remaining two, one just wants a casual date and the last one may have potential for more. But whether the chemistry is right is another piece of paper.

However, if you have patience and perseverance and don't let a setback throw you off track, you can also get to know your next partner via the dating app.


Are dating apps using my location all the time?

Attention with the location settings on the smartphone: If your location is used “only when using the app”, this also applies if the app is open in the background! So don't be surprised if you're traveling and suddenly get suggestions from people hundreds of kilometers away even without using the app directly at home ...

Can every app user see where I am?

Most dating apps use GPS tracking to determine your location and show users in your area. However, the other person does not see exactly where you are. Although he gets an indication of how many kilometers you are away, this cannot be traced back to an exact localization.


Do I have to pay for dating apps?

The basic functions of most apps are free. However, in order to receive exciting additional features and thus increase your chances of the perfect match, it is advisable to create a premium account.

Can I use a dating app for free without any restrictions?

First of all, you can install and try out dating apps for free. However, a free account is not sufficient for full use. You are particularly limited when it comes to contacting you. As a basic member of most dating apps, you have few messages per day, a limited number of likes and similar disadvantages.

What are the benefits of buying a Premium Membership?

With the premium membership you are much more free in terms of your options for use. You can send messages as often as you want and when you feel like playing "Hot or Not" you can swipe as often as you like. In addition, with some dating apps you can write to new users earlier than everyone else because you see their photo first. You can see the exact advantages of premium membership directly from the provider.

What do you mean by boosts and super-likes on dating apps like Tinder?

In addition to the premium version, you can book additional functions with many dating apps. This includes boosts and super likes. With this you can put your profile and yourself in the limelight. If you use a boost, you will be shown to the other members more often and thus have more chances of getting likes. With a super-like, you express that you not only find your counterpart great, but also super-great. This way you can generate attention and maybe secure a match.

How do I cancel payment on dating apps?

If you've opted for a premium membership, you sometimes get a subscription, depending on the model. If you want to cancel this subscription, you can do so via the appstore. Here you will find a list of all your subscriptions and you can cancel your subscription with just a few clicks. Your subscription will then be terminated as soon as possible. However, the purchased functions are available to you until the last day.