Can rapeseed oil be used for baking

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil: also for the pan?

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil is suitable for cooking, baking and stewing. For frying and deep-frying, however, experts recommend "refined" oil (e.g. cheap vegetable oils from the supermarket).

When frying, a pan quickly reaches temperatures of over 200 ° C. Not many oils can withstand such high temperatures. Most cold-pressed oils begin to break down beforehand. You can recognize this decomposition process by smoking in the pan. For health reasons, fat that has been smoked should no longer be consumed.
The decisive factor for the “smoke point” of a fat is the composition of the fatty acids in the oil. For example, a high proportion of oleic acid increases the smoke point. Rapeseed oil contains a relatively large amount of oleic acid. It can therefore be used for cooking, baking and stewing. However, it cannot withstand the temperatures of frying and deep-frying.

If you don't want to switch to refined oils for frying, you can buy special, so-called high oleic oil (HO oil) in the organic market. This is a cold-pressed oil that still contains all the ingredients, e.g. vitamins and flavorings. The difference lies in the plant. It was bred in such a way that the oleic acid content is higher, so the fat can be heated to a higher level without refining. However, it usually cannot withstand the particularly high temperatures when seared.
Most of the HO sunflower oil is currently commercially available. The big advantage: It is very suitable for people with high cholesterol levels because oleic acid lowers the cholesterol level.