All relationships are complicated

3 secrets why your relationships are still complicated.

3 secrets why your relationships are still complicated and difficult.

# 1. Secret: Old ancestral relationship patterns

It is not the wrong men that we attract, but old relationship patterns that are still active.
Often we still live the relationship patterns that were exemplified by our ancestors. Sometimes these are the relationship patterns of the parents, sometimes even those of the grandparents or even the great-grandparents.

Identify the parallels between your own life and that of your ancestors:

  • How was your parents' partnership with each other?
  • Appreciative and respectful?
  • Was the relationship stable?
  • What conflicts were there?
  • How were conflicts resolved?
  • What role did your mother play in the parental relationship?
  • What role did your father play in the parental relationship?
  • Did you break up? What were the reasons?
  • What character traits did both parents have?
  • What typical behaviors come to mind when you think about your parents?

# 2. Secret: Beliefs and Beliefs

Not only relationship patterns are adopted, but also many beliefs and convictions that we carry within us are mostly outdated and no longer correspond to our lives today.

What do you think about love
What do you think about partnerships?

Are you convinced that there is no such thing as a great partnership, except maybe in romantic love films on TV?

Maybe you even believe in it, in the idea of ​​an ideal and respectful partnership, of love, but deep down inside, do you still live the old conviction that you will only be disappointed again anyway?

Identify your beliefs and beliefs about an ideal partnership and correct them if necessary.

# 3. Secret: Looking in the wrong field.

Imagine you actually want to eat strawberries, but all the time you are looking for strawberries on a banana plantation.
Will you find what you are looking for when you want to get strawberries? Probably not.

Maybe you are even lucky and a small strawberry plant has lost its way among the many banana trees.
That would be a real godsend. :)
In order to increase your luck permanently to find strawberries, if you are looking for some, it would be better to go to a strawberry field, right?

Quite often it is also like this when choosing a partner: We are looking in the wrong field!

Eat bananas when we want to eat strawberries and make way too many compromises that we don't really feel happy with.

I invite you to listen deeply to yourself. Are you perhaps looking in vain for something that doesn't correspond to your inner being, your values, just so that you don't have to be alone.

If you get to know yourself a little better, you will also know in which field you have to move in order to get what you want.

Imagine what the partnership of your dreams should be like:

  • What are your values ​​in life
  • What are your basic needs in life?
  • What are your ideas about a successful partnership?
  • What are your wishes
  • What's wrong with you in a relationship?

Anyone who deals with himself and checks his behavioral patterns and thought structures,
has a good chance of living a happy and fulfilling life in the future!

Just like my customer Jasmin. When we looked at her outdated patterns and structures in the systemic constellation process, resolved her fears from the past and reorganized her inner mindset, she was finally able to let go.
Also the unhealthy relationship with Simon. Jasmin felt inwardly that they had completely different values ​​and ideas about life and that holding onto this relationship was out of the question for them.

She also realized that her previous relationships had also been the same.

Jasmin thought it was time to finally get to know and love herself properly for the first time, with all her wishes and needs.

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