Who are very good programmers

What makes a good programmer?

There are nowadays a dime a dozen programmers, but there are fewer good ones. Not all programmer is created equal. As always, the wheat is separated from the chaff with programmers. What distinguishes good programmers from less good ones is explained in more detail in this blog post.

In software development in particular, it is the little things that distinguish good software from bad software.

Good programmers value the code they produce. It is well commented and variables are named meaningfully and understandably. Classes and methods or functions correspond to the principle of single responsibility. So you do one thing very well and nothing more and nothing less.

Good programmers are like artists, they create something great, whereas not-so-good programmers just go ahead and program. The code is usually error-prone, barely readable and difficult to maintain by other developers. The principle of the clean code is hardly used. There is no certain structure, the so-called WOW experience. In technical jargon, this code is also known as spaghetti code, which less experienced developers produce. In addition, the less skilled programmers believe that complicatedly written code is of higher quality. Not correct. If an experienced senior developer writes good code, then every junior developer understands it too. Good code is not written in an unnecessarily complicated manner and entangled.

Qualities of a good programmer:

  • Big picture before your eyes
    A very important quality that good programmers have. Without the big picture in mind, high-quality software can hardly be implemented.
  • Design patterns
    Recurring problems that other programmers have already faced are confidently solved with design patterns. Experienced developers have already used several design patterns and therefore know which design pattern is suitable for implementation when new problems arise.
  • Much experience
    Good software developers have been involved in software development for years. You have already done a lot of code reviews and have naturally seen many lines of code. Good software developers are also familiar with legacy code and refactoring.
  • Skilled use of the IDE and other developer tools
    The operation of the IDE is also an important part, this is where the optimum is achieved. In addition, good programmers have many other tools up their sleeves that they skillfully use to write quality code.


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