What are some effective ways to flirt

70 great pick-up lines for more success when flirting

There are pick-up lines of all kinds: whether good or bad, they all aim to open a conversation from which something could develop. To improve your success at flirting, we've put together the best and worst pick-up lines for women and men for you. If you use them with humor, your chances aren't all that bad.

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70 pick-up lines - what matters

With good pick-up lines, it is important that you don't recite them like a memorized sentence. Most of the sayings are not particularly individual. It is still best to speak to them spontaneously, referring to the situation, location or your counterpart as much as possible. Nevertheless, we have collected some pick-up lines for you that will definitely make contact with your crush. When learning to flirt, in particular, many people find it difficult to find a good first sentence that then introduces further topics of conversation. With a well-considered pick-up line that suits you, you will at least make your counterpart smile.

Tip: Pick-up lines are often nothing more than jokes or puns. Maybe other funny sayings will give you ideas for your own pick-up line.

Pick-up lines by men for women

There are countless pick-up lines for women, the majority of which are unfortunately anything but suitable to get to know. Not only are ambiguous or even straightforward sexual innuendos very likely to result in a basket, you could even get drawn into a discussion. Many pick-up lines are not only misogynistic, but also presumptuous and degrading. We have put together pick-up lines for you that don't endanger your flirt so much, but are more flattering or funny. After all, you don't want to argue with the girl, you want to start a conversation that leads to something. Just in case: You can learn to kiss better here.

  1. Research has shown that women often know after 1.3 seconds whether they like a man. This sentence has now lasted about three seconds - what is your answer?
  2. Two questions: what are your favorite flowers? And what address should I send it to?
  3. Is it spring again or is it you who smells so fragrant here?
  4. Please exchange a few words with me, my friends should be jealous because I am talking to a beautiful woman.
  5. The bartender said this drink helps me target women successfully. Now I wanted to ask you if it is already working?
  6. Do you think we might have a friend in common who could introduce us to each other?
  7. Can you lend me your cell phone for a minute? I promised my mother that I would call her when I found my dream woman.
  8. I don't often see women who smile so beautifully. Are you always in a good mood?
  9. Sorry, but your charisma just cast a spell over me. I hope I didn't make you feel insecure?
  10. Which compliment can you no longer hear?
  11. How do you actually find pick-up lines? - Stupid. - Good me too, nice to meet you.
  12. Do you know what really amazes me? - No what? - That we don't know each other yet.
  13. Good thing I know how to behave. I pinched my pick-up line. Still, I would like to know what your name is.
  14. Guess who would like to take you out to dinner.
  15. I would never dare to speak to you. Obviously, I'm not myself right now.

Pick-up lines by women for men

Pick-up lines by women for men

Women are often confronted with pick-up lines. Why not turn the whole thing around and address the men in the same way? There is a very clear advantage here: the surprise effect. It is still the case that men are more likely to address women than the other way around. Use this to your advantage and just speak to a man directly if you like him.

Women should also use pick-up lines with a wink and not take them too seriously. If the man starts laughing, know that it is your saying, not you. At least that's how you got him noticed. You can laugh back or start a conversation about how often women struggle with such sayings and that you just wanted to see what men think of it.

  1. Do you believe in fate?
  2. I don't know who you are, but I think I would like to know.
  3. Your eyes tell me a lot, just not your name.
  4. Even though we've only been speaking for 2 seconds, it feels like forever. Please finally say something.
  5. You look spontaneous. What do you think of a spontaneous conversation?
  6. Hey you look like my next friend.
  7. I like your jacket.
  8. Hey, why don't we swap roles and I'll buy you something to drink?
  9. Did you just wink at me?
  10. Sorry, how do I get to the model street? - You're already on the model street. - I know.
  11. If you want to get to know me, you have to hurry. I'll go right back.
  12. It's pretty rare that men can dance.
  13. Hey, haven't seen you here before. Do you come here often?
  14. Hi, my name is Nadine. And your name is
  15. I don't actually address men. Also don't know what's wrong with me right now. What's your name?

Sweet pick-up lines

Sweet pick-up lines usually still fulfill the cliché, but they are a little rarer and are not received badly or insultingly as quickly as other pick-up lines. Even if you are embarrassed, you can be sure that at least women are more receptive to sweet pick-up lines than ambiguous ones. It takes a lot of courage not to let go of a cool saying that throws yourself in a good light, but makes you vulnerable. Arrogance actually never leads to success when flirting, so just try a cute saying - and don't forget the smile.

  1. If you were a potato, you would be a sweet potato.
  2. I noticed that you noticed that I noticed you.
  3. If you don't know where to put your hands, give it to me, I'll hold it for you.
  4. If you would go out to dinner with me, give me a quick smile.
  5. Sorry, I don't know my way around here very well. Can you show me the way to your heart
  6. Would you mind if I look at you up close instead of doing it all over the room as before?
  7. I'm sure you're one of those girls who are so pretty that no one dares speak to them. I thought I would use this to my advantage and try my luck.
  8. I think I could make you very happy.
  9. Flirting is really just a pastime for people who want to discover their love for one another, isn't it? So do you fancy a journey of discovery?
  10. can you keep a secret? - Yeah what? - Me, forever!

Bad pick-up lines

If you don't have the confidence to use bad pick-up lines when flirting, then you should definitely avoid the following lines. If used incorrectly, they will likely lead straight to a basket. Not only are they clichéd, but they are often a little bold. However, if you are a bit more experienced and use them charismatically, authentically and with humor, even bad pick-up lines can lead to success. Face the challenge and try not to convince with a sophisticated text, but with your pure zest for life and self-irony. When flirting, never use sayings that could be taken offensive.

It's important to point out that you obviously aren't taking the line seriously. It's best to have a smile on your face and show yourself from your most charming side after the first reaction. Starting a conversation is always such a bad pick-up line. Use it to get your crush's attention and then show who you really are. We have collected some bad pick-up lines for you.

  1. And otherwise?
  2. Do you know how heavy a polar bear is? - Hard enough to break the ice. - I am Tim and you?
  3. Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk past you again?
  4. Don't we know each other from somewhere?
  5. I lost my phone number, will you lend me yours?
  6. Do you know that there are a lot of men who try to turn a girl on with some sort of saying? I am very different!
  7. Hey, the label on your dress is peeking out. Let me see what's on there. - I thought: "Made in Heaven"!
  8. We have something in common: I like pretty women and you are a pretty woman. That can not be a coincidence!
  9. Who just stole the diamonds to hide in your eyes?
  10. Are you coming to my rendezvous with you too?
  11. I'm from the breakdown service and I would like to tow you tonight.
  12. I've been watching you for a few hours and wonder what our kids would look like.
  13. Do you have a photo of yourself with you? I want to help Santa Claus fulfill my wish list.
  14. Sorry, do you have a pen? I want to write down your number.
  15. Do you have 50 cents for me? I'll invite you to dinner tomorrow too.

Alternatives for pick-up lines: compliments

There are some alternatives for classic pick-up lines. These also require a lot of courage and that you overcome the fear of a basket. For example, instead of speaking to someone, you could just give them a hug. Another option is to give your old school crush a little love letter. Prepare it or write it down spontaneously on a beer mat or piece of paper. It shouldn't be too long or too brash. In principle, the rule here always applies: less is more!

A far more common way to start a conversation is by simply complimenting the other person. We have made a small selection of compliments that are suitable for the first conversation and that are not too intrusive. Some are more suitable for women, some more for men. When you pay a compliment, you should always mean it and convey it honestly. Find out everything you should know about compliments here.

  1. You look just gorgeous in that dress.
  2. You have such cute dimples, will you laugh for me again?
  3. I know you've probably heard compliments on your bright eyes or your beautiful smile many times, but I still have to get to know your character.
  4. I like women who know what they want and I feel like you are such a woman. Am I right?
  5. I noticed you right away. I hope you will now too?
  6. Your smile is lovely. What makes you so happy
  7. I looked around, you are the prettiest woman here.
  8. You look like I could be very comfortable in your arms.
  9. Not only do you look damn attractive, you look spontaneous too. Do you fancy a spontaneous date? We go out to eat. Where do you want to go
  10. You can dance really well. Let us dance?

More success through subtle pick-up lines

More success through subtle pick-up lines

The increased chance of a basket with pick-up lines is because the lines are quite brash. Instead of having a short conversation, they usually ask for the number or a date directly. For many singles this happens too quickly and they first say "No". If you're not that sure about flirting yet, you can also try subtle pick-up lines. They're just conversation starters and don't necessarily have to be intended for someone you want data. With such "sayings" one drives relatively safely as a man and can easily see from the reaction of the woman whether she might be interested or not. Sentences like "Do you ever have a fire?", "Are you cold?", "Do you know what time it is?" Or "Do you know how to get to the model street?" In principle, you can ask any question that fits into everyday life. Women, too, usually find it easier to speak to someone if they ask an unobjectionable question. So the intention of a flirt is not directly in the foreground and you don't risk a real basket in this sense.

On the other hand, it is also difficult to hold a conversation through these questions. The first contact is made without any problems, but the answer is probably only followed by a "thank you" or silence. With correct pick-up lines, there is a little more potential here. The golden mean are subtle pick-up lines that relate to the respective situation. They lead to a conversation rather than the question of the time and suggest the intention of a flirt. Because they are less brash than a real pick-up line, the chance of a direct basket is also much lower. Here some examples:

  1. While shopping:
    Hey, can you help me for a moment? I'm totally overwhelmed, which t-shirt do you find nicer?
  2. At a festival:
    I can't decide which gig to go to next. What would you say? / Where are you going?
  3. In the club:
    I love this song, what other music do you listen to?
  4. In the park to someone with a dog:
    Wow, your dog is really cute. Do you take him for a walk here often?
  5. In front of the cinema:
    Which film can you recommend to me?
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