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Slow Sunday // What do you think of yourself? 5 tips for self-love part I.

Two weeks ago I wrote down my thoughts on self-love and since then I have dealt with the subject even more intensively. I just couldn't let go of the fact that liking and accepting yourself is an ongoing challenge that will likely last a lifetime. Why is it so difficult for us? It drives me crazy when questions and problems don't have clear answers, no precise plan to follow. Self-love is something very individual and personal. It comes in so many facets that it is difficult to find a common denominator and not feel on your own. It would help if you could “send” self-love from outside. I want to call out to so many people around me See you the way I see you and take the task of self-acceptance off their shoulders. If only we were as generous with love and respect and towards ourselves as we are with the people we love. Our life would be a lot easier right away.

I have started to integrate the relationship with myself into my everyday life as an equivalent construction site to the many other private and professional projects. Because I believe that you can teach yourself something and change something if you constantly work on it. To do this, you have to commit yourself to analyze yourself, listen to signals and take responsibility for your own state of mind. But above all it is about being good to yourself, indulgent and kind. This is exactly why I was looking for approaches that should help me to actually think about myself, without pressure and with a lot of positivity. And I like to share.

Finding a connection with yourself is like mountain climbing for me. It never ceases to be strenuous, but the higher you climb, the more proud and happy you can look back on the path you have already mastered. Intermediate goals help me not to roll down the whole mountain again in the event of a setback, but only to hold out for a longer moment at the point that I have already reached. By the way, I hike alone so that no one gossips with me, sets the wrong speed for me or sets a wrong route. I don't want to get lost.

It is important that there are moments in my life when it is all about me, so that I can then return to everyday life full of tasks and responsibility towards others with more power and strength. 5 exercises helped me through which I learned a lot about myself and with the help of which I was able to look at myself from the outside for a short moment like a stranger. You may also find one or the other task helpful:

I am ... / I can do well ...

Write down three or more qualities and skills that make you stand out. It's all about your realistic assessment, not what others say about you or what you would like to say about yourself. Do not make yourself smaller or bigger than you are, but analyze yourself like a very good friend.

Nice things that you can do for yourself ...

... you can find in this article. For the next two weeks, plan to incorporate at least 3 of these activities into your week.

Today in 10 years

How do you imagine your life in the future? What realistic wishes and ideas do you have? Write down your thoughts trying to put into words a photo of yourself and your surroundings in 10 years. Where are you? How are you? Are there other people or maybe animals in the picture? Where do you live? What does your apartment or house look like? Is the interior simple or colorful, do you own a lot or only a few? Go into detail: what hair color do you have, how long is your hair? Do you wear jewelry or nail polish? And so on ... Let your description have an impact without following any particular line of thought. As an additional help, here is a guide on how to find out what is really important to you in life.

My timeline

Create a timeline of your life up to now, on which you can use key words to mark important events in your life. The time is on the X-axis and a scale from 1-10 is on the Y-axis. The scale describes how much events have shaped you positively or negatively. Start with your year of birth and work your way up to 2016. It is not a question of completeness, but of what seems important to you and has stuck in your mind. You will likely need more than a sheet of paper for this. The aim of this exercise is to get a feel for which situations may have reinforced certain characteristics in you. It may provide some clarity as to why you react more strongly to some things and less strongly to others. For me, these records are also of great help for other exercises and for analyzing my behavior.

Love letters

Write a letter to yourself. Why do you like yourself, why do you want to spend time with yourself? If something happened to you, what qualities would you miss in yourself as a person? What makes you different from others? Why are you the best friend or best friend to outside people? Why are you a valuable member of your circle of friends? In what way do you complete your family? Of course, it's not about creating completely unreflective hymns of praise for yourself. It's more about describing yourself as a person and focusing exclusively on the positive things. We complain and criticize enough about ourselves and it is quite permissible to just point out what is great about you.

What is going through your head about self-love? Do you have any more tips and tricks to better accept and like yourself? Be good to each other and enjoy your well-deserved Sunday <3

Credits collage: tumblr (nowandthan)