Why do grown children lie

Why adult children also lie to their parents

Keep quiet, cheat, deceive or lie. Even very young children have these skills, and these talents are often perfected in adulthood - at least towards their own parents, it is rumored. There are quite a few children who have long since passed the age of majority and are hiding their nicotine addiction from their parents. But tattoos and piercings are also often among the things that are not shown to mom or dad if at all possible.

This is sometimes associated with a lot of effort. So you have to hide something or omit. But some feelings and thoughts on certain topics, such as socio-political views, are often not verbalized to the parents. Even if parents do not need to know everything about their adult children, many "children" embark on research into the causes of their frauds and secrets.

Destroyed images and peace of mind

Why not just light a cigarette next to mom and dad at the next family celebration? Parents have a picture of their child, and children think they know this picture and do not want to destroy it, can explain secret smoking. Often secrets arise from fear that parents will not be able to understand or understand what the child is doing.

For some keepers of secrets, silence and concealment are supposed to preserve parental peace of mind. Another reason for keeping your own parents secret can be that you do not want to justify your actions and thus avoid arguments. Or, out of respect for parental values ​​and morals, one takes the path of least resistance and remains silent about some things.

What are you hiding from your parents?

What secrets do you have from your parents? Why don't you tell your parents about it? How much effort do you go to ensure that your secrecy does not come to light? Confess now and ease your conscience in the forum! (Judith Handlbauer, May 24, 2017)