How often do Italians eat pasta

Pasta: This is what happens to your body when you eat pasta several times a week

Pasta, the national dish of Italy, is one of the absolute favorite dishes for many, alongside pizza, and it is not for nothing the reputation of immediately evoking feelings of happiness in us. Because the favorite dish of the fashionable Italians - who incidentally also mostly have a slim figure - is available in countless variations and is also extremely delicious. So it's no wonder that many Germans have made pasta several times weekly land on the plate - be it for lunch with colleagues, in the evening as a quick option with tomato sauce or at the weekend in a chic restaurant with a creamy cream sauce. But how do the popular pasta, which we find it so difficult to resist, actually affect our bodies? We got to the bottom of it and will tell you below. 🍝

1. You have more energy

In order to be efficient and fit and to be able to concentrate well, we need energy and that carbohydrates supply the body with this is no secret. Fast energy supply through pasta and the like is particularly important for athletes, as complex carbs are available to the body more quickly.

2. You lose weight

Ladies, there is great news: According to researchers at the Instituto Neurologico Mediterraneo Neuromed, in the Italian municipality of Pozzilli, there is a direct connection between a pasta-rich diet and a slim figure. To arrive at these results, the researchers evaluated two studies with a total of 23,000 test subjects. The test subjects who ate more pasta in everyday life had a lower BMI, which is said to be related to the fact that people who eat a lot of pasta often lead a Mediterranean diet that includes many healthy fats and oils, fresh vegetables and whole grains.

3. They help build muscle

Most people only think of protein when building muscle, but carbohydrates also play a big role. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles, carbohydrates provide the necessary energy for growth and are extremely important for athletes. Because: Only when the muscles have enough proteins and carbohydrates available do they gain strength and volume.

4. You can get cardiovascular disease

However, pasta isn't all positive effects on our bodies. Because the simple, easily absorbable carbohydrates contained in pasta can damage our hearts, as a study by the University of Utrecht has shown. So far, animal fats - or saturated fatty acids - have been suspected when it comes to the causes of cardiovascular diseases. The researchers suspect that the copious consumption of simple carbohydrates in the long term makes it more difficult for the body to use the hormone insulin. This in turn causes unfavorable blood lipids, the triglycerides, to rise.

5. You are happier and less stressed

According to nutrition experts, it's not a rumor that makes pasta happy. Why? The carbohydrates get into the blood quickly and the sugar they contain not only provides energy immediately, but also stimulates the production of insulin. Insulin, in turn, increases the tryptophan level in the brain, and the body uses this substance to produce the happiness hormone serotonin. It's the same with stress, by the way: the more the body is energized, the more energy it needs, as the brain needs glucose as fuel to continue delivering high performance.

Our tip: If you want to have something of the feeling of happiness and the feeling of fullness in your stomach for a longer time, you should cook the pasta al dente. So the starch in the noodles gets into the blood more slowly and we are full longer.

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