What are good opportunities to recruit recruiters

Recruiting: 13 methods to find the perfect employee

Maybe your brother happens to know someone who knows someone who is looking for a new job? Or does your neighbor have an idea? Ask around in your personal network - the more people know about your search for employees, the greater the chance that the right person will find out about it.

Tip: If you as an employer already have employees, why not start an employee recruitment campaign. With a small financial incentive for a successful placement, the motivation to "stir the drum" for your company as a recruiter is even greater.

Costs: ★★★★★

This recruiting method is completely free of charge.

Time required:★★★★☆

The time required is minimal, as your search for personnel takes place in the context of normal meetings and discussions. However, this method is not suitable for short-term staffing as it is more long-term oriented.

Chances of success:★★★★☆

The personal network is a nice addition to other methods, but on its own it is not powerful enough to securely fill vacancies. In return, the new employee comes with a "leap of faith" because he was hired on the basis of a (further) recommendation.