Where does the term horse starch come from?

Convert kW to PS

Horsepower (HP) is the most common unit in much of the world to quantify the power of automotive engines. And that although that (actually would be the correct) PS is neither a standard quantity in the metric nor in the empirical system. The official unit kilowatt (kW) has only very sporadically established itself in common parlance, for example in Australia.

Where does the name PS come from?

One horsepower actually corresponds roughly to the continuous output of a horse (although the maximum output of these animals that can be called up for a short period of time clearly exceeds one horsepower); it is defined as the output that is necessary to lift a mass of 75 kg by one meter within one second. Incidentally, it is said that this unit is a by-product of the pricing of the blessed James Watt. He made the price of his steam engines dependent on the number of horses replaced by the pounding monsters.

Formula for calculating PS (power)

Mass × acceleration due to gravity × lifting speed = power

Example for calculating PS

  • 75 kg × 9.81 m / s² × 1 m / s = 736 watts = 0.74 kW = 1 hp

How do you calculate kW in PS?

  • This also results in the well-known 1.36 as a conversion factor between kW and PS.

Formula: kW in PS

1 kW = 1.36 hp

Formula: PS in kW

1 hp = 0.74 kW