When was Gucci founded?

Label portrait: what you need to know about Gucci

The path to becoming a luxury label started in a small saddle shop. A few decades passed before Gucci rose to become a gigantic fashion company

The fashion label Gucci can look back on a long past: As early as 1921, the trained master saddler Guccio Gucci founded his own workshop in his hometown of Florence. However, his first shop was not for glamorous evening gowns, but for luxurious suitcases and bags made of high-quality leather.

Designer of luxury accessories

Gucci came up with his business idea because he previously worked at the London luxury hotel Savoy, where he observed that the rich and famous like to adorn themselves with elegant luggage to show their status. And his concept actually worked: his leather goods soon became a bestseller among well-heeled tourists and wealthy Florentines.
Guccio Gucci was able to expand and let his three sons manage branches of his company from 1939.

Trademark of Gucci

His son Aldo Gucci came up with the idea for the company's first top seller in 1947: a handbag with a handle made of bamboo. The bag quickly became an absolute trend accessory. She was soon seen on the arm of screen legend Grace Kelly and even the Queen.
And that's not all: The Gucci label was also able to cause a sensation with another product: the loafers, flat moccasin shoes made of soft leather, soon adorned the feet of all fashion-conscious women.


Worldwide success

When the company's founder died in 1953, the Gucci label was already known worldwide. Shops were opened in London, Paris and Palm Beach. In the 1960s, the master saddler's heirs introduced the legendary double G as a trademark, which soon adorned all of the company's products. In 1966 the fashion label designed a silk scarf for Jackie Kennedy, which became known as Jackie O.

Company in danger

It could all have been so beautiful, but the company's founder's sons had different ideas about the management of the fashion company and were falling out more and more. It didn't get any better when Guccio Gucci's grandsons joined the business.
In 1989 the inheritance disputes had progressed so far that the family company had to sell shares in the group to the Arab investment company "Investcorp International" due to the poor financial situation. The former family business has been 99.4 percent owned by the luxury goods group "Kering" since 2004.

Tom Ford as savior

In 1995, fashion designer Tom Ford managed to give the ailing fashion brand a new look: As the label's creative director, the fashion designer made Gucci a trend brand again and brought out breathtaking women's collections for Gucci.
When Tom Ford left the fashion house in 2003, his long-time assistant Alessandra Facchinetti first became the fashion label's creative director. When she left the company two years later, the post went to Frida Giannini, who was previously head of the accessories division.

A breath of fresh air from Alessandro Michele

In January 2015 there was another change at the top of the fashion label: Alessandro Michele became the new creative director at Gucci and immediately celebrated a great triumph with his debut collection. The fashion designer, who has worked for Gucci for several years, said of his style: "I try to formulate the old concepts of beauty and sexiness with a new vocabulary, in a new language." Alessandro Michele actually seems to be able to do that.