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So a friend moved to Louisville, CO some time ago. Her husband works in Boulder.
Many IT companies and IT-related companies are located there and attract new employees from all over the world, which is also noticeable. Lots of new residential areas are being built in the surrounding area, which is very nice to see when you drive from Denver on the AB towards Boulder. The cost of living is not very low, so many live in the suburbs around it, such as Louisville.

In itself the city center of Boulder is very cute, has a nice shopping mile with lots of shops, cafes, etc. I really liked it.

Car depends, if you move to the suburbs because of the housing costs, then yes and finally the Rocky Mountains are in sight and you want to get out. ;-)

You don't need 1.5 hours from Boulder to Denver Airport, I was about 40 minutes on the way from Union Station Boulder to the airport (rail). There are also express buses that may make 1-2 stops in the surrounding area and then drive through on the highway. Also from Louisville it only cost me about 40-45 minutes.

Here you can find more information about timetables and the network map. That should also help a little when looking for accommodation.


The climate is dry, both in summer and winter, and temperatures sometimes fluctuate extremely. So it can snow again in May and the next day you will have 18 or 20 degrees plus again.

What you should also keep in mind is that the city itself is already at an altitude of approx. 1,700 m above sea level. If you're sensitive about that, it can make you a bit dizzy at first.

Denver itself is bigger and you might like it better just because of its size, but to be honest, Denver had little charm for me. And even the long commute to Boulder every morning and evening would beep at me, even if I'm used to long commute times here in NY.
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