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Advent calendar 2020

Zechariah 9: 9-17

The humble and righteous king

When the prophet Zechariah lived, world politics were shaped by important kings and rulers. The Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar - one of the greatest rulers in all of human history - had led the Israelites into exile. The Persian ruler Cyrus had them return to their country after several decades. (That was the time Zechariah lived.) And about a century and a half later, the entire region would be rocked by Alexander the Great's campaigns.

But between all these mighty rulers and kings, Zechariah foresees a divine King. This king is different from all the other rulers. He does not come on a warhorse, but on the foal of a donkey. That means, instead of power and strength, he comes in meekness and humility. Yet this king is the one who brings justice. He is the helper and savior of his people and will create an eternal kingdom of peace that will be much larger than the kingdoms of Nebuchadnezzar and Alexander the Great. One day it will fill the whole world.

When Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem five hundred years later on the foal of a donkey, he brought the city a clear message: The King of Peace has come! But the people didn't want him. Instead of crowning him, they crucified him a few days later. But their rejection did not change God's promises and promises. Through this king, who died in humiliation on the cross, God would create the promised kingdom of peace.

It started with Jesus and one day he will finish it. When he, who was born humble and humble at Christmas, comes back to earth one day, Zechariah's prophecy will be fully fulfilled: Then the kingdom of God will fill the whole world. All weapons and implements of war will be destroyed because there is peace. And God's sons and daughters will shine like sparkling, glorious gems in the eternal presence of their God.

Personal reflection and prayer

Pray today for this King of Peace to establish his kingdom. Ask him that his kingdom will expand in Hamburg and that God's will will happen more and more in our city. And ask him that this king of peace also determines your heart and your life more and more. You can say this prayer with great hope: An eternal kingdom of peace will come in which Jesus will rule, as it is also said in the old Advent song:

“Open the door, the gate opens wide;
The Lord of Glory comes
A king of all kingdoms
One savior of all the world at the same time,
Which brings salvation and life with it;
So cheer, sing with joy:
Praise be to my God
My creator abounds in advice.

He is just, worth a helper;
Meekness is his vehicle
His royal crown is holiness,
His scepter is mercy;
He brings all our misery to an end,
So cheer, sing with joy:
Praise be to my God
My Savior, great in deed. "