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Prophetic Sunnah: wedding ceremony (nikah)


Dear believers!

Marriage is a very old institution. The foundation of marriage was laid in paradise. The institution of marriage began with Adam (s) and Eve. This institution is as old as human creation. It is a natural feeling to be a spouse. This feeling was first taught to man. Only then do you feel that you are mother and father, child, friend and relative. Allah is only entitled to be single and not dependent on anyone. It is human beings to marry and have children. After all, the exalted Allah has not left man alone on this delicate path. Allah says about this: “And it is one of his signs that He created you of your own wives, that you should attend them, and he has placed love and mercy between you. Verily in this are signs for pensive people. "1

My dear siblings!

The marriage gains its legality through the marriage ceremony. Our Prophet (sws) also gave the wedding a deep meaning. The prophet gave the marriage a sublime spirit. In Islam, marriage is a contract with a heavy and great responsibility. The wedding ceremony is a word that spouses give to each other. Wedding is the promise to live together for a lifetime. In doing so, they take Allah's exalted name as a witness. The continuation of this marriage is very important. Its continuation is at least as important as establishing the marriage union. Certain values ​​protect and strengthen marriage. The well-being and happiness in the family depend on these values. Above all, it includes mercy, loyalty, frugality, respect and kindness.

Family is a sheltered place. In marriage, spouses want to feel the most understood of each other. Spouses expect one another to share feelings with one another. There are certain feelings that a couple cannot convey to anyone else. Some of the feelings of the couple cannot be understood by other people. To put it in the words of the Koran: Spouses want a blanket for each other2 to be. Accordingly, married couples should be a blanket for each other for secrets, defects, wounds and their freezing souls. To be compassionate is to meet these needs. The function of mercy is to relieve imperious attitudes. Mercy is used to remove power based on strength. Mercy is used to remove emotional selfishness. Mercy strengthens selflessness. Mercy strengthens the “Isar”. Isar means giving preference to other people instead of yourself.

My siblings!

Mercy played a special role in the life of the Prophet. This can be seen in his communication with his wives. Met with understanding3 the prophet jealousy, controversy, objections and doggedness among them. The Prophet never chose the route of violence to mend them (Islah). The envoy recommended that “focus on the positive in family communication”. His following recommendation is noteworthy: “A believer should not hate his spouse. After all, the believer is sure to like one quality - even if he does not like another quality. "4 Abu Huzayfa came to the Prophet one day. Abu Huzayfa said he spoke offensive to his family. However, Abu Huzayfa did not do this to others. Abu Huzayfa asked the Prophet what to do about this. The Prophet recommended Abu Huzayfa to ask forgiveness from Allah.5 The Prophet exhorted those who were prone to violence against women. This was transmitted to them from the time of ignorance (jahiliyya). He admonished such persons as follows: “Do not hit the female servants of Allah!6 “Fear Allah to women! After all, you received the women as entrusts from Allah. And you took them (through marriage) as legal wives. "7

The spouses bind to one another in marriage through loyalty. Loyalty is the most important point in marriage. Loyalty ensures the good of the marriage. Loyalty ensures the trust of the spouses in one another. Frugality is the greatest treasure in marriage. Frugality is provisions for patient and grateful married couples. After all, they thank Allah in every situation and be patient in dire straits. Frugality is a free ticket for well-being on this worldly journey. Love and respect, on the other hand, guarantee a happy marriage. These are not only important for marriage today. Rather, love and respect are also important for the future of marriage. Within the family, the Quran does not position the husband and wife against each other. The Qur'an advises that spouses should behave lovingly: “And the believers, men and women, are one of the other's friends; they command what is right and forbid wrong and establish prayer and pay the poor tax and obey Allah and His Messenger. Behold, Allah has mercy on them; Allah is Mighty and Wise. "8 Love shouldn't be hidden. Openly showing the love felt increases mutual love. This contributes to the well-being of the family. This also contributes to social peace.

O Allah! "Give us eyebright to our wives and children and make us role models for those who fear God."9 Amine.

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