Can you get pregnant from before you cum

Can you get pregnant right before your period?

Some women are unsure and wonder, "Can you get pregnant right before your period?" A question that is pretty easy to answer at first glance, but then there is always the famous exception to the rule.

Misconception: Can you get pregnant right before your period?

Because actually it's very simple. The fertile days can begin five days before ovulation and end shortly after ovulation. Actually, women are only really fertile for about twelve hours on the day they ovulate. But since sperm can survive in the body for five days and wait for ovulation, these five days BEFORE ovulation are included. Ovulation usually happens mid-cycle. If it is a 28-day cycle, then two weeks will follow before your period. In the following 14 days you are not fertile as a woman and therefore you cannot get pregnant shortly before your period.

Ovulation only took place in the head

However, this absolute certainty that you will not be able to get pregnant shortly before your period only applies to a reliable cycle. However, some women do not have this and therefore they cannot determine their ovulation with absolute certainty. You may think you have ovulated, but it is a long time coming, and so the fertility window is shifting too. Then they have unprotected sex and actually get pregnant.

In this mind game, they actually get pregnant right before their period, but only because they thought the bleeding was coming soon. In reality, ovulation was delayed, the egg was fertilized, and the expected period does not come.

Know your ovulation

Again, you can't get pregnant right before your period - the physical process doesn't foresee it. But to be on the safe side, it's always better not to have unprotected sex if you don't want to get pregnant unintentionally. If you do not want to take the pill and do not want to use condoms for contraception, you should concentrate on ovulation, because this is how you determine your fertile days and can use contraception accordingly. There are ovulation calculators or you can determine your fertile days based on your basal temperature or your cervical mucus.

The basal temperature is your core body temperature to which your body adapts while you sleep. If you measure this every day after getting up, you will see a graph in the results. An increased rise in temperature indicates that you are ovulating.

The cervical mucus is the secretion at the vaginal outlet. Shortly before ovulation, this secretion has an almost watery consistency. On the day of ovulation, many women feel like they have wet themselves.

You can also have all these determinations of ovulation calculated with cycle computers. There is the Femometer Vinca for around 37 € including shipping costs or the Persona Contraception Monitor for around 76 €.

These cycle computers, however, keep telling you that you shouldn't be unhappy about an unplanned pregnancy - so this method of contraception is not one hundred percent safe. To avoid anxious questions like "Can you get pregnant shortly before your period", you should rely on safe methods such as the pill or the IUD.

This is what Anja Kleinelanghorst says:

Our family conclusion

Anyone who really, absolutely, in no way, never, and certainly not want to get pregnant shouldn't ask themselves whether they can get pregnant shortly before their period, but rely on reliable contraception. This definitely includes the pill and the condom.

If you are not necessarily planning a baby, but it would not be the end of the world either, then you are well advised to use natural contraception methods such as NFP (natural family planning) and contraception monitors and apps. The safety is not quite as high here as with the pill or condom (but you don't have to swallow hormones and have unnecessary stress during sex). But especially over time you develop a good feeling for your body and its symptoms. With a little practice, you may be able to feel when ovulation is approaching or about to occur.

There are many great contraception methods for different life situations - there is also something that is right for you. So you never have to worry about whether you can get pregnant shortly before your period or not!