Why don't some people like to shower?

This is what happens to your body when you are not showering

Even if a shower is part of the daily routine for most people, very few have asked themselves What exactly what happens when you just do without it for a few days.

Showering regularly is an unwritten rule. And for good reason, as Melanie Liebmann from the travel portal “Travel + Leisure” and Mandy Kennedy from the online magazine “twentytwo words” explain. If you do not take a shower a little longer than you should, you can expect unpleasant consequences.

1. You're starting to stink

The most obvious reason why you should shower regularly is of course body odor. You not only sweat during exercise, but also during minor physical exertion, in the heat or in excitement. And sweat stinks. But not only that: The bacteria that are on your skin, but regularly release gases from fatty acids and proteins. These also smell unpleasant. If you want to do yourself and your fellow human beings a favor, you shouldn't be without a shower for too long.

2. Your skin can be irritated

If you don't wash, bacteria and dirt build up on your skin. These can lead to skin irritation and irritation, but also to pimples. This is exactly why you should remove your make-up regularly before you go to sleep. Your skin will thank you!

3. You can become infected with diseases

Everyone has bacteria on their skin - over 1000 different types of them. While some bacteria are good for you, some of them are harmful. If you do not wash yourselves, these bacteria will continue to spread over your body. If they get into your eyes, your nose or your mouth, you can become infected with various diseases. This is precisely why it is particularly important to wash your hands regularly.

Anyone who has already camped or has traveled long distances by plane will know that it is not always so easy to enjoy a shower. In such cases, however, you should always have wet wipes and make-up removal wipes with you.

Areas such as the face, armpits, hands and intimate areas are particularly susceptible to bacteria, so you shouldn't miss out on washing these areas regularly. A deodorant also provides quick refreshment in between. However, a real shower does not replace these measures. Washing yourself regularly is essential. The only exception: if possible, you shouldn't wash your hair every day. They can dry out and become brittle. A quick remedy for in between is the dry shampoo.

This article was published by Business Insider in January 2018. It has now been reviewed and updated.