Kaengurus are aggressive

Ravenous kangaroos attack tourists in Australia

The marsupials attack several tourists in Sydney while hunting for carrots. The zookeepers warn: the kangaroos should not be fed.

On the grounds of an Australian hospital near Sydney, a herd of kangaroos, obviously addicted to carrots, has become a real nuisance. Several tourists have already been injured by the marsupials while feeding, as the local press reported on Wednesday.

A woman had to be sewn with 17 stitches on her face. Others had gashes on their stomach, back, and shoulder.

The several dozen wild kangaroos are at home on the premises of a clinic, about a two-hour train ride from Sydney. Several thousand tourists come there every week to see Australia's heraldic animals up close and also to take selfies. Signs indicate that feeding is prohibited. Nevertheless, the animals are supplied with all sorts of edible foods: biscuits and chips, but also supposedly healthy food such as bananas and carrots.

However, animal keeper Andrew Daily suggests that fruits and vegetables can also be harmful to kangaroos. "If a kangaroo has been given a carrot 100 times, it will come up to you and grab it," he told ABC television. The animals could then also become "very aggressive". "For us, a carrot is pretty healthy. But to a kangaroo, because of its sugar content, it's like a candy bar."

The parliament of the Australian state of New South Wales is now to deal with the kangaroos on the grounds of the Morriset Hospital. MP Greg Piper posted a video on his Facebook page pointing out the dangers. Feeding kangaroos is generally prohibited in Australia.

(APA / dpa)