Is Napoleon Bonaparte an INTJ or ENTJ

Profession-related personality test

Note: The purpose of this test is to find your innate predisposition. Like being asked if you are left-handed or right-handed. The percentages represent how sure you are in the test that you are left-handed or right-handed. Each person has their own personality traits. Some are conspicuous, others less so. Once your personality is identified, the percentages aren't that important. You cannot say that you are 80% intreverted any more than that you are 80% left-handed. There are no good or bad qualities. Knowing how you are is not a label, but helps to recognize its advantages and to control its disadvantages.

Introvertion I or Extrovertion E - You draw energy from what is currently demanding your attention.

you are Introvert , It means that You are aware that changes in your environment will also change you. You concentrate mainly on your inner world and pay particular attention to your inner experiences, thoughts, ideas and feelings. You prefer to think independently and like to read.

Others are Extrovert , It means that You are aware that your behavior affects those around you. They mostly focus on the outside world and connecting with other people. You like to meet up with others to talk about anything.

Sensation S or intuition N - The first thing you notice when you perceive information from your outside world.

you are Intuitive , It means that You can deal with abstract theories and principles. You have the totality of all things and their tendency to change and develop clearly in front of your eyes. Inspiration, imagination and creativity are important to you.

Others are Sensitive , It means that Pay close attention to all the details and information that are available to you through your sensory perception: Everything you see, hear, smell, taste and feel. They always want to develop their skills.

Thought T or Feeling F - How you make decisions.

you are Pensive , It means that Pay attention to the logical relationships between everything. You like to evaluate and make decisions through objective analysis of the situation. They are very reasonable, objective, and just. Principles are more important to you than adapting.

Others are Soulful , It means that They care most about their feelings and those of others. They check everything for its worth and its correctness. You are very personable, good-natured, friendly and attentive. They are aware that their behavior affects the feelings of others.

Judgment J or Perception P - How do you organize and design your life.

you are Attentive , It means that You gather a lot of information about something before you have to make a decision. They try to understand things and adapt to them. You allow unplanned situations in your life. Your lifestyle is free from rules that may seem disordered to others.

Others are Judging , It means that You like to judge things and make quick decisions. You plan everything and would like to control all processes and results. It is important to you to do your job. You want a tidy and orderly life.