Is white pizza really pizza

Pizza with a difference

The pizza bianca and its variants make it big in autumn

Delicious: a pizza bianca with ricotta instead of tomato sauce as the basis
Tomato sauce and cheese belong on a pizza! Really? Because a new trend says: You can also do without tomato sauce. The "pizza bianca" - the white pizza - only needs a layer of ricotta as a base and is something very special!

The exact recipe in Italy again differs from region to region. In Rome, for example, a pizza bianca is simply prepared with olive oil, salt and oregano or rosemary. Elsewhere, it is given ricotta or mozzarella as the basis for the topping.

Otherwise, there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to covering. The pizza bianca tastes particularly delicious. B. with artichokes, ham, onions, mushrooms and / or rocket. You can also sprinkle pine nuts on top and season with garlic.

So surprise your guests with special pizza variations. The CHEFS CULINAR professional chefs have also let off steam creatively in their kitchen and come up with delicious flat cakes - just take a look: