What is the purpose of tongue piercing

For all tongue piercing wearers: protect teeth!

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Beauty and an attractive appearance are determined by various details that act as stimulus triggers. For example, many people wear a tongue piercing. Many fear that this will affect speaking or taste. Experienced porters show that this is not the case. The danger of tongue piercing is completely different.

The duel in the mouth

It is actually not a fight, but a game that can have harmful consequences for one of the players if the toy used is not suitable for this game and the game master is not aware of the dangers.

The game master is the person wearing the tongue piercing and the two opponents are the tongue and the bit. The toy is the tongue piercing and it is precisely with him that we should look for why this game can be dangerous.

Tongue piercing: choosing the right material

A tongue piercing made of titanium or another high-quality steel is often the first choice today due to its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. The advantages are obvious, but the disadvantage of a stainless steel piercing is its weight and hardness. This makes it a toy in the tongue that the teeth hardly stand a chance against.

Although the dentition with its tooth enamel has the hardest material in the human body, it has no chance against stainless steel in the long run, especially since the tongue has an incredible stamina as an opponent. It covers the teeth with a barrage that can be continued even while sleeping, in the subconscious, if the piercing is not removed before going to bed.

The tongue is without question the much more agile part of this game and the piercing can also be tempted to knock on the teeth or to press the steel against the upper front teeth.

The consequences of playing with the tongue piercing

Stainless steel tongue piercings can be the cause of broken tooth corners as well as badly damaged tooth enamel and they are even responsible for moving the front teeth. Caries and an overshot are consequences that cannot be ruled out if the toy, the tongue piercing, is not exchanged for a more harmless variant in good time. For example, piercings made of plastics such as PTFE, acrylic or Teflon, which have exactly the same positive properties as stainless steel, but are much lighter. Tongue piercings made from the above materials can be found at www.piercingline.com. But the switch to lighter piercing is not alone.

Psychological game management

In order to protect their own teeth, those who wear a tongue piercing should be aware that the play between the tongue and the piercing poses a permanent threat, which in the end significantly affects the health of the teeth and is ultimately detrimental to one's own beauty.

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