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Fleas: how to fight the parasites

If fleas have lodged in bed or apartment, then humans and animals suffer. We explain how to fight fleas.

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How do you recognize fleas?
Flea Bites: What Do They Trigger?
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A flea infestation including flea bites is not to be trifled with. After all, the parasites multiply very quickly and are not only an imposition for our pets, but also for us humans.

Where do fleas come from?

Fleas are usually brought home one way - through their beloved four-legged friends. They catch the tiny insects outside, for example when they encounter other infested animals, and drag them into the apartment.

How do you recognize fleas?

You can't really catch fleas with the naked eye, after all, the insects are tiny, only up to four millimeters in size. Rather, a flea infestation on humans, dogs or cats can be recognized by various signs. Probably the most noticeable thing: the beloved four-legged friends scratch or bite each other regularly. To be on the safe side, you should comb your pet thoroughly with a flea comb and then knock the comb out on moistened kitchen paper. Proof that fleas have taken root? Black crumbs collect on the surface, which turn reddish-brown in color after they come into contact with the damp cloth. This is the faeces of the animals, which is mixed with residues of their food (blood).

For us humans, the most noticeable signs of a flea infestation are flea bites on our own body. They are usually close together and in a line, as the flea bites several times until it has found a satisfactory area with a blood vessel.

Flea Bites: What Do They Trigger?

Flea bites produce a more or less pronounced itch in humans, which is often accompanied by inflammation when the bites are scratched. Fleas are also known as carriers of diseases (plague, typhus), but this danger has actually been completely averted in Central Europe today. Rather, flea bites can cause allergic reactions in this country, for example, or a tapeworm can be transmitted.