Why do teachers give homework on vacation

Does my child have to do homework during the holidays?

by Anonymous

Dear Mrs. Reimann-Höhn,

my daughter Katharina's class teacher (4th grade) is very committed. In principle, I think it's great that she is so involved and full of new ideas. Sometimes, however, I have the feeling that it is a little overwhelming for the children. During the holidays, my daughter is supposed to collect information about the local fauna, including photos, in order to give a lecture about it after the holidays. Katharina takes this very seriously and is afraid of not doing enough. As a result, it cannot really “switch off”. Are such holiday home tasks even allowed?

Answer by: Dipl.-Päd. Uta Reimann-Höhn

Dear reader,

School holidays are primarily used to relax students, teachers and, in principle, parents too. How many children learn during the holidays, whether they attend a tutoring course or consolidate the previous school material with their parents, is entirely at the discretion of the legal guardian. Homework for the school holidays by the teachers is therefore only possible in exceptional cases and on a voluntary basis, for example if a pupil is absent due to illness during the school year and the tasks are intended to rework missed course material in order to ensure continued participation . Otherwise, homework is not permitted during the holidays. The preparation of a presentation can only be a voluntary service. However, that doesn't help your daughter if she's the only one who hasn't made any preparations after the vacation. This time, therefore, limit the preparation of the presentation to one day, so that your daughter is reassured. Then talk to the parents' council or directly to the teacher so that something like this does not happen again.

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