What are your favorite objects in life

Life in the house

Prologue and Colloquium

The prologue takes place on Sunday evenings at 7:30 p.m. This is where the entire seminar meets at the beginning of the week and for a content-related preview of the week. The colloquium, which ends on Friday afternoons at 4:30 p.m., closes the week. Here we look back and talk about organizational issues.

The birthday story

Thursday evening, studio, candles, towels, a single armchair in front, that's why a few of your favorite objects are scattered around. Your fellow seminarians sit on mattresses and chairs in the room. The sketch begins: a small group present some of your characteristic pages in a humorous way.

Then it's your turn: your biography. Ups, downs, development of your life so far in words ... One evening - just your life. Every seminarist is given the opportunity to voluntarily report on their biography in a cozy, intimate atmosphere. A nice evening in which everyone - including yourself - will get to know you a little better.

Annual festivals

Easter! What was that again? Why do we actually celebrate annual festivals such as Christmas, Easter, Whitsun / Midsummer Day or Michaelmas? Can you still give them a content that is appropriate to the present day? Can you create a new cult from an inner insight in order to give life to these “pods” again?

We will deal with these questions together at the seminar. It is they who give the annual festivals their very own touch ... There are also other festivals such as the obligatory carnival ball!

Personal portfolio and certificate of completion

The development that the seminarians go through at the free youth seminar usually takes place in an intimate and personal area. Therefore it is not always easy to talk about them. Nevertheless, we look forward to a written review from every seminarist in the form of a personal "portfolio", which should encourage him or her to try exactly this. It is intended as an aid to deal more and more with what was really important this year, step by step.

House and garden maintenance

No mind without matter - no matter without mind. Following this motto, we clean the seminar building and the surrounding garden twice a week. Everyone is jointly responsible for cleaning the house. The house and garden always offer reasons for beautification projects.