Which countries are allies of Argentina

Argentina is looking for allies in Europe

Argentina's President Alberto Fernández, who has only been in office since December 2019, also visited Berlin today as part of a trip to Europe for a meeting with Chancellor Merkel.

In a business discussion organized by the LADW with the President and his delegation, Fernández was very open to the involvement of German companies in Argentina. Argentina needs the German economy and sees it as a partner for the country's comeback.

The revival of Argentina is a top priority for the president, but the first step remains a long-term debt restructuring strategy that needs to be negotiated, especially with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The government is trying to restore confidence in the country and improve the conditions for investment. For example, a new law is intended to strengthen investment security in the country. Current foreclosure measures are bitter but temporary remedies. Fernández has also spoken out in favor of multilateralism and international organizations.

During his trip, Fernández also met the Pope, the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and the French President Emmanuel Macron. We are looking for support from EU countries for the intended renegotiation of the repayment of the IMF loan.