Some South Asians have Arab ancestry

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Ethnic Groups: predominantly Arab; but also Afro-Arab, South Asians, Europeans.
Ethnic groups: mostly Arabs, but also Afro-Arabs, South Asians, Europeans.
The Afro-Arab scholar al-Jahiz (781-869) described early evolutionary ideas such as the struggle for existence.
In the zoology Al-Jahiz (781-869) developed early evolutionary ideas, such as the concept of the "struggle for existence".
I'm on Afro-Arab who grew up in Sudan, and yet, ironically, since moving to Norway I've learned more about the history of painting in Eastern Africa and around the Nile Valley.
I am a Afro-Arabs and grew up in Sudan, but ironically, I have only learned more about the history of painting in East Africa and the Nile Plain since moving to Norway.
Keywords: Africa Arab countries Interregional international relations International cooperation International partnerships League of Arab States African Union Summit conferences / meetings Afro-Arab Summit Conference 02.
Keywords: Africa Arab countries Interregional international relations International cooperation International partnership League of Arab States African Union Summit Conference / Summit Afro-Arab Summit Conference 02.
Ancestors of Perissodactyla may have arrived via an island bridge from the Afro-Arab landmass onto the Indian subcontinent as it drifted north towards Asia.
It is possible that the ancestors of the odd-toed ungulates came across an island bridge from the Afro-Arabic Land mass on the Indian subcontinent, which was an island at the time and drifted north towards Asia.
In Kenya we first settled with our two small children on the island of Lamu, north of Mombasa. This peaceful Afro-Arab Settlement is a center of the century old Swahili culture. Among their many distinctive achievements, the Swahili are known for their outstanding cuisine.
Our first home in Kenya, as a family with two young children, was the island of Lamu north of Mombasa. Centuries-old Afro-Arab The settlement is a center of the highly developed Swahili culture, famous for its excellent cuisine among other outstanding achievements.
Indeed, the Darfur democratic opposition groups that we met, whether they were African or Afro-Arab communities, agreed that the armed conflict begun by the SLA or JEM forces was rooted in underdevelopment and a policy aimed at marginalizing the region, specifically the African communities.
I therefore believe that it is very important for the European Union to urge the negotiations on Abuja lead to positive results.

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How "Arabs", "Afro Arabs"and" Africans "see ourselves - politically and culturally - feeds off of and feeds into how others see us.
How "Arabs", „Afro arabs"and" Africans "see themselves - politically and culturally - is influenced by and in turn influences how others see us.
Over time, Afro-Americans and Arabs have been added to the community.
According to Carlos Moore, resident scholar at Brazil's University of the State of Bahia, in the 21st century Afro-multiracials in the Arab world, including Arabs in North Africa, self-identify in ways that resemble multi-racials in Latin America.
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