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Cirneco dell'Etna

Belongs to the dog species "Assistance dogs"

One theory is that six or seven thousand years B.C. The Cirneco dell ´Etna lived in the middle of the Sahara, in the Tassili Mountains in Algeria. There, researchers discovered what is perhaps the oldest representations of the ancestors of today's greyhounds on rock drawings. Another thesis, however, is that the greyhounds originated in north-east Africa and this is confirmed by images of greyhounds in ancient Egyptian pharaohs' graves. The resemblance of the standing-eared and curly-tailed dog of the ancient Egyptians to the present day Pharaoh dogs is indeed great; moreover, this form of the dog has only survived around the Mediterranean and never got further north.

How the Cirneco dell ´Etna came to Sicily is uncertain. Perhaps it was the Phoenicians or the Cretans, who were already around 1500 BC. Maintained trade relations with Sicily. The latest result of the research shows that the Cirneco dell ´Etna is an ancient breed of Sicilian origin that lived on the slopes of Mount Etna. It is certain that this breed has been native to the island since the Greek epoch. This is proven by numerous copper coins from the 6th century BC. In Sicily. In a place called Piazza Armrina, a Roman fresco depicts a Cirneco. The well-preserved work of art shows the dog guarding a sanctuary.

The name of the Cirneco dell ´Etna already indicates that it is located around the Etna. It is still used today to hunt rabbits, which are very numerous on the slopes of the 3295 m high Etna. At the end of the 1940s, the Italian Canine Association issued a breed standard, but despite everything, the Cirneco did not gain popularity anywhere outside of Italy. It is almost unknown in Great Britain and the USA, and the population of this breed is also very small in Germany, so that the breed club was dissolved in early 1999.

Archaeologists still find vast amounts of bones during excavations in the Etna area. These testify to the valuable service that the Cirneco dell ´Etna rendered to the people of the region in the past. He was a fabulous hunter who tirelessly hunted down thousands upon thousands of wild rabbits over time. Perhaps entire villages even lived on the booty the Cirneco brought home.

Essence, attitude:
Unfortunately, the Cirneco dell ´Etna is largely unknown outside of Italy. Lovers of this breed have formed small clubs, but without really promoting their dogs. The Cirneco dell ´Etna is a very lively and friendly family dog. He has a simple mind, enjoys sports and games and when it comes down to it, he is also vigilant. It creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the house and is fun for everyone. The Cirneco dell ´Etna is very reserved with strangers and strangers, even with friends of his master. His restraint and classy appearance are very reminiscent of a cat.

He can lie in his basket for hours. Then he dozes to himself and looks as if he never wanted to get up again - but the next moment he stretches, tenses all muscles and lets his energy run free. Besides family life, the Cirneco dell ´Etna can still be used for hunting. He rummages, places the prey and retrieves it. Its best performances are evident in the early hours of the morning or at dusk.

Since the Cirneco dell ´Etna is very sporty and also likes nature very much, it is advisable to keep it in the country. Only then can you be sure that it will develop optimally. If he is kept in the city, then you should provide the necessary exercise so that the dog can get rid of his excess energy.

Nutrition, care:
The nature-loving dog needs nothing more than simple but balanced food. His meal consists of 150 g of beef or horse meat cut into pieces, 20 g of fatty substances and 80 g of grain as well as vitamin supplements. Twice a week he is given 30 g of quark as an additional protein portion. If he weighs too much, then instead of meat, fish (without bones, of course!) Is on his menu.

Since the coat of the Cirneco dell ´Etna is very short, it is sufficient to brush it through from head to toe with a soft brush once a week. Then the fur is smoothed with a chamois cloth. This also gives the coat the shine it needs. Baths are to be avoided, and certainly not the use of any hair shampoos. Only when there really is no other way, you take a mild dog shampoo and then dry the dog carefully. A routine examination of the gums and teeth is due once a month.

Height at withers: In males between 46 and 50 cm, in bitches 42 to 46 cm.

Weight: In males between 10 and 12 kg, in bitches between 8 and 10 kg.

Falf in all shades, white markings permitted.

Average life expectancy: 12 years

Other names: Sicilian Greyhound, Sicilian Greyhound

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