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To survive in the diversity of the Internet job portals is a great challenge. Freelancermap with its network proves that we can achieve this goal with consistency, clear concepts and high quality ...

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freelancermap is the ideal platform for freelancers and project providers. freelancermap helped me to find new contacts quickly and easily and to be able to participate in numerous projects ...

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The software products from SAP are established worldwide and help to simplify business processes of all kinds with the aid of computers. The initial familiarization with the system or the selection of suitable MySAP modules according to individual requirements regularly results in projects that are particularly appealing as SAP jobs freelancers. The tasks with one SAP project These range from the one-time setup of the software for sales, human resources or bookkeeping to expanding the existing system and training the relevant employees. In addition to this, SAP BI projects are advertised that cover the entire software spectrum and ask the freelancer to analyze and optimize internal processes. Which SAP projects are currently being advertised by companies can be easily seen in this category from

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From setting up the application server for the first time in an ABAP project under NetWeaver to familiarization with the Business Suite or Business One - every SAP project on this website has a focus. In addition to general knowledge in dealing with SAP, freelancers benefit above all from the specialization in order to be a competent contact person for customers from all industries. Lots Projects SAP are continued in the long term and B. through the continuous integration of new MySAP modules for a regular employment of the freelancer. If the work is good, nothing will stand in the way of regular cooperation on a freelance basis, with additional IT expertise beyond SAP being just as helpful to take on lucrative tasks for a wide variety of clients.