How do I keep my employees happy

8 tips to keep your employees happy (part 2/2)

Learn more about how to increase employee motivation.

  1. Fair salary

No company will be able to keep employees who find better pay elsewhere. So ask yourself what each individual is doing for your company and pay fairly. Compensation is only part of employee motivation, but it is also a particularly crucial one. A salary increase can also be addressed by the boss, because many employees simply do not dare to ask.

  1. to celebrate success

Has your team reached a milestone or taken the first important step in a large project? Then you should celebrate it together. It strengthens the team and the recognition for the effort is good. Employees who feel noticed and valued are more loyal and enjoy working.

  1. Give time to study

From an early age we are curious and want to expand our knowledge. Unfortunately, this process often stops in the company. Those who give their employees the freedom to learn will get satisfaction and inquisitive colleagues. Supporting the development of your own employees always pays off.

  1. Flexible working hours

Anyone who thinks the home office is just a hype is wrong. This is not just about employee satisfaction, but also about the hunt for the best minds. For the millennial generation, the home office and the connection between work and private life is often a reason to decide for or against a company.

  1. Employee survey

Criticism of employees about the company, the management style or individual processes should always be taken seriously. Those who repeat the survey annually get a good impression of what has deteriorated and where changes are already taking effect. This can also be done anonymously.

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