Why should my son wear panties

The first underwear of their own

Here are my five most important insights that have really helped me when it comes to "pulling under":

1. Underpants and shirts instead of bodysuits

As soon as the potty becomes interesting for your child, the bodies should be sorted out. A pair of underpants can be pulled down quickly - and the great feeling of "doing it yourself" is added to the big issue of getting dry.

2. No tight elastic bands

It took my son a while to get old enough to tell myself: Even the elastic bands, which don't leave any visible red marks on the skin, can be uncomfortably tight for the kids. That's why we only buy underwear that has elastic sewn into the fabric. It is also much easier for both children to dress and undress them on their own.

3. Go for two sizes

Today with, tomorrow without a diaper? To be on the safe side, still get dressed in the bus, but no longer at Grandma's garden? Especially in the transition period, it makes sense to have underpants in two sizes at home: those that fit perfectly without a diaper and those that are one size larger - and don't pinch even when a thick diaper bottom is underneath.

4th class AND mass

Of course, there can and should be a pair of really "good" panties with the children's favorite motifs in the wardrobe. But after two complete drying processes, I can only recommend: Buy cheap goods in cardboard boxes (they are also available in organic quality, by the way!). Because there will always be small and big, stinky mishaps. And days when you will be grateful that you can simply dispose of them together with the buried underpants in the diaper bin - without having to throw away an overpriced branded panty.

5. With and without feet

Especially when it gets colder, tights are a great helper for "underneath". But here too, everything that the child can wear alone will make everyday life easier for him and you. That's why we have tights AND leggings in our wardrobe. The tights are great for the daycare center: thanks to them, no more socks can get lost. But for the time at home and on weekends, I put leggings underneath. Or rather, the children do it themselves. In contrast to the tights, they can get in there alone. And you don't have to wash them every day like the tights - after all, there are always fresh socks.

It is best to work with them to find out which underwear your children like best. After all, even the smallest ones are real individuals with their own tastes. I hope that my experience tips will help you make your choice - and I hope you enjoy shopping for laundry.