Are Black Butler Filler episodes worth watching

Complete Skippable Filler Guide to Enjoying Black Butler

It's not always that the filler sheets are so brilliant that fans are confused as to whether they are cannons or not.

Black Butler is a dark fantasy that revolves around death and the supernatural demons and grim reapers surrounding it. In the fountain pens, however, we also get to know fallen angels and their vices.

Black Butler has aired three seasons with a total of 46 episodes. It has a high filler content of 63% with 29 fillers reported.

The fillers are interesting and follow a "different timeline" than the one in the manga.

With an epic battle between demons and angels and a brief cameo from Ronald that will appear later in Season 3, the entire arc doesn't necessarily make viewers feel like the filler.

With an explosive, sad, and conclusive ending to season 2, the beginning of season 3 surprises many.

This is why you should use this guide to scan the fillers and confirm whether or not they are worth watching.

1. Quick list

  • Canon: 2-6, 13, 14, 15, 38-46
  • Fillers: 1, 7-12, 16-24, 25-36, 37

2. What fillers can you skip in total?

Black Butler ends up with a clever, chill-inducing plot in the shadows due to the overwhelming fill sheet.

However, if you are not interested in the events of the manga, feel free to enjoy all of the fillers.

However, for the fans who want to enjoy the Canon experience, it is recommended to skip:

  • All fillers from episodes 16 to 36 (i.e. all fillers from episodes 16-24 of season 1 and all of season 2)

3. About Black Butler

Black Butler Anime is based on a manga of the same name written and illustrated by Yana Toboso.

Black Butler is a story about Ciel Phantomhive, a thirteen-year-old boy who took over the cloak of head of the Phantomhive household, becoming the Queen's watchdog.

His job is to take care of the problems that go on behind the queen's back.

He has a contract with Sebastian, a demon disguised as a butler, who is allowed to consume Ciel's soul in return for his services.

Originally written by Epic Dope

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