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Modern gastro concepts - your way to your own restaurant

A well-thought-out gastronomy concept is the be-all and end-all for a successful one Restaurant opening. There are three main factors that decide between success and failure. You can find out what these are and how the path from idea to concept works in this article.

An article by Patrick Schady

Concept, founding, opening - you have to know that

A well thought-out concept is the key to sustainable success in the hospitality industry. However, even before founding the company, you have to deal with the question of what your restaurant should look like and which target group you want to achieve. On the way to the restaurant opening you will also face numerous hurdles Regulations up to the financing.

From the idea to the gastro concept - that's how it works

The gastronomy concept is that Cornerstone for your restaurant. You don't need a good concept just about one Guideline how your restaurant should "work" later, but also about financial medium to get for the establishment. Basically, you present your gastro concept in a business plan.

For a successful restaurant concept, three questions are particularly in focus:

  • Type of gastronomy
  • Unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Location / target group

In the following you will find out what is important for the individual points.

Type of gastronomy - what do you stand for?

Mediterranean, oriental or German cuisine? The variety of gastronomy is seemingly unlimited. Nevertheless, you usually have to sign up for decide a direction. The second question you have to ask yourself is whether you want to open a modern or classic restaurant. In addition to a modern design for your restaurant, innovative tools such as

make your gastronomy appear more contemporary. The type of gastronomy depends heavily on the choice of location and the targeted target group together. For example, a high-priced restaurant in a low-income neighborhood is usually the wrong decision.

Unique selling point - This is how you differentiate yourself from your competition

You can easily download a ready-made concept from the Internet. However, we advise against it. A standardized concept will not bring you success. In order to differentiate yourself from your competition in gastronomy, you have to create an individual concept that suits you. Take a look at your competition here. What are they doing well, what are they doing badly. Analyze everything, think about how you can differentiate yourself from them and put it together in your concept.

Target group and location - make the right choice

Before founding you have to deal with the choice of the location, i.e. where you want to open your restaurant. The Choice of location has one in gastronomy significant sharewhether you will be successful with your business idea or not. You can find out which location is the right one and which target group you should focus on with the location analysis.

Think sustainably and ensure long-term success

Sustainability is becoming more and more important in gastronomy - also for your gastronomy concept! It is not just about environmental protection, but also about topics such as customer acquisition, waste management, employee loyalty and the use of regional foods. With a sustainable concept you can considerably increase your chances of success in gastronomy!

Success stories - ideas for your restaurant

The Fizzz Awards present each year the best gastronomy concepts Germany. Most recently, the Hamburg restaurant “Zentrale - Salt & Silver” won the award. With their innovative “travel, discover, taste” concept, they have become a popular place to go. What distinguishes your gastronomy concept? In their “headquarters” there are two restaurants under one roof. The street food bar on the left, the restaurant on the right. The street food bar has Levant cuisine (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Palestine). A Latin American family-style dinner is served in the restaurant to the right. Combined with the flair of the respective countries, the restaurateurs created a unique experience for their guests.

Conclusion - Fit for the future with a modern gastro concept

In order to lay the foundation for a successful concept for your gastronomy, you should focus on the three points Type of restaurant, location / target group and unique selling point particularly value. In addition to these success criteria, the sustainability - an increasingly important role, especially in the catering industry. If you still have no idea what your restaurant should look like or what concept you want to pursue, the winners of the annual Fizzz Awards serve as inspiration. All winners of the awards became very successful in the catering industry thanks to their innovative and creative ideas.

As soon as you have a concrete idea and have worked out your concept, you can take care of the business plan and create it.

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