How do I catch a fraudster

How you can recognize dubious management consultants or KfW consultants

Find out about the advisor in advance! Ask friends and acquaintances whether they know someone with good advice and good references! If a management consultant is not advised in this context, one should be warned about this person.

It is also important to note who is making the recommendation. If you do not trust the person making the recommendation because of personal or professional issues, their recommendation is also rather untrustworthy. So only ask people who you trust from a purely human, professional and personal point of view. The person should also have an idea of ​​the subject matter, because only someone who is also familiar with the industry and the environment can make a good recommendation.

Did you have a consultant recommended? Do not run to him straight away and get advice, but research in advance with his customers or on the Internet about him, the references, the consulting successes, his focus and other positive and negative things. The Internet usually reveals a lot about every successful and reputable management consultant, since these consultants have nothing to hide and also like to show their references publicly on the Internet in order to get further assignments.

If you don't find out anything about a person on the World Wide Web, it can also have a negative reputation for that person. A consultant who has nothing to report about himself, who is also not reported on, not even something bad, is also not a high-quality consultant in my eyes.