How can I cure phimosis

How is a foreskin tightening treated?

In the so-called conservative (non-surgical) treatment of phimosis, a cortisone-containing ointment is applied to the front area of ​​the foreskin twice a day over a period of four to eight weeks. The cortisone ensures that the skin becomes more elastic.

From the third week of treatment onwards, the parents or the child can try to gradually stretch the foreskin themselves. To do this, the foreskin is carefully pushed back every day just enough to avoid pain. Gentle stretching is important so that the foreskin does not tear. The ointment can now also be applied to the front area of ​​the glans, which is exposed when the foreskin is pulled back. Then the foreskin is pushed forward again.

Scientists from the international research network have found that this treatment is often successful:

  • Without treatment: In around 18 out of 100 children who received an ointment without active ingredient () for 4 to 8 weeks or were not treated at all, the phimosis regressed completely.
  • With treatment: In about 62 out of 100 children who were treated with an ointment containing cortisone during the same period, the phimosis regressed completely.

In other words: the treatment with the cortisone ointment completely regressed the phimosis in about 44 out of 100 children. In a few other children, the treatment caused the constriction to widen at least a little.

Side effects of the ointment treatment were not observed in the studies. However, the likelihood that the foreskin will narrow again later is quite high. However, the treatment can be repeated several times. If the phimosis persists or if there are additional pain or complications, an operation can be useful.