Are books better than television

Side child

  1. You don't have to wait for the next episode, you can read the next chapter right away.
    Because what could be worse than waiting excitedly for the resolution of a conflict that will only be resolved in the next episode. Which won't be broadcast until next week.
  2. No commercial breaks! Do I have to say more about this?
  3. You can read your favorite passage as often as you want, you just have to scroll back. The same applies to passages that you did not fully understand the first time you read it. If you miss something while watching TV, the entire episode may no longer make sense to you.
  4. Missing roles or strange dubbing voices don't spoil the experience! Because you yourself have the perfect faces and voices in your head, you don't need the opinion of a casting director.
  5. You don't have to sit on your book or hide it for fear that it will be taken away from you - unlike the remote control, which someone constantly tries to argue with you!
  6. You can take your book with you wherever you go, while watching series on the go wastes either data volume, storage space or battery!
  7. The people around you will be much more enthusiastic about you reading than if you just watch series!
  8. Reading is quiet. Your partner, neighbors, or siblings won't complain about the volume.

Now go grab a book! Or leave your counter-argumentFor the television in the comments 😉