What are some adventure sports in Nepal

13 adventure sports you should try in Nepal

With high peaks, rolling hills, deep gorges, and long rivers, there are a variety of outdoor adventure sports to try in Nepal. Some are practically synonymous with the land on travelers' minds, while others might be a little more unexpected. Read on to learn where to find your next adrenaline rush in the Himalayas.


While Nepal and Mount Everest go hand in hand for many travelers, there are plenty of other options for mountain climbing if you are so inclined. Nepal is home to eight of the highest mountains in the world, some of which are easier, cheaper, and more enjoyable than Mount Everest. For example, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga and Cho Oyu are all over 8,000 meters and are all climbed much less often than Everest.

However, you don't have to choose such an extreme peak to enjoy mountain climbing in Nepal. "Trekking peaks" are a category of peaks that don't require extensive high mountain experience (although it helps) and getting permission to climb them is nowhere near as expensive. Highly rated trekking peaks include Island Peak (or Imja Tse, 6,189 meters) and Mera Peak (6,476 meters).


Nepal's hiking trails will make every hiker the calmest city dweller. There are options for many fitness levels and interests - from multi-day expeditions like the Annapurna Circuit and Upper Dolpo to cultural hikes like the Tamang Heritage Trail and simpler homestay treks like the Annapurna Community Eco-Lodge Trek.

The rewards and challenges vary from route to route, but you can experience breathtaking snow-capped peaks, rural communities, vibrant fields, shady forests, icy streams, and loads of wilderness. While hiking with a guide is not always necessary (it is only a requirement on certain restricted routes), it is usually a good idea to do so for your own safety.


Nepal is considered to be one of the best destinations in the world for multi-day white water rafting tours. There are numerous long stretches of clean, bouncing river flanked by sandy beaches, wooded hills and rural settlements. From one-day trips from Pokhara and Kathmandu, which are suitable for beginners, to 12-day rafting, trekking and multi-kayaking tours, everything is possible in Nepal. Spend your days with refreshing rivers and your nights on the beach under the stars.

And one of the best parts? Like almost everything in Nepal, white water rafting expeditions are much cheaper here than in most industrialized countries.

Go kayaking

Where there are whitewater rapids that are good for rafting, there are whitewater rapids that are good for kayaking. On many rafting tours in Nepal you will find an even split between rafters and kayakers. But, kayakers have the added benefit of being able to navigate stretches of the river that rafts cannot, so there are even more options for the more adventurous kayaker.

Nepal is also a great place to learn kayak, with kayak clinics offered just a short drive from Kathmandu and Pokhara.


If you back down from a waterfall and slide down natural water slides, that sounds like fun, then Nepal is a good place to go. Depending on the season (with the strongest river immediately after the monsoon and the lowest immediately before it), guided canyoning tours can be arranged around Jalberi, about halfway between Kathmandu and Pokhara and on the Bhote Kosi river northeast of Kathmandu.

Rock climbing

Instead of full climbing, shorter climbing trips can also be undertaken. In Kathmandu there is the Astrek in Thamel climbing wall, an artificial climbing wall for climbing. There are other natural climbing areas in Kathmandu, such as Pharping and Nagarjuna, frequented by city climbers. Then of course there are the endless unknown spots in the mountains, but the right equipment and experience are required before setting out.

Mountain biking

Many short and long hiking trails are also suitable for mountain biking. Be prepared to carry your bike in specific places, such as B. in icy places or stairs. For shorter cycling adventures, there are numerous hiking trails around the Kathmandu Valley or the Phewa Valley circuit in Pokhara.

Ice climbing

If ordinary climbing sounds a little boring, how about a frozen waterfall? This activity is best done in winter, for obvious reasons, and should always be done with an experienced guide or others who know what they are doing. The village of Humde, near Besisahar in the Annapurna region, is a particularly good place to try this sport.


With the snow-capped Annapurna Himalayas in one direction, the terraced farmland directly below, and the town of Pokhara and Phewa Valley below, it is hard to imagine finding a better place to paraglide anywhere in the world. And the thermals (warm air currents) from Sarangkot Hill make this a consistently good starting point for paragliding. Another good paragliding spot in Nepal is Bandipur.

Bungee jumping

There are only a few places to go bungee jumping in Nepal and like almost everywhere else in the country, the views are amazing. At The Last Resort, you can fall 160 meters from a suspension bridge into the tropical gorge of the Bhote Kosi River. The bungee near Pokhara is not that high, at 70 meters.

Canyon swing

There is only one place to swing in Nepal at The Last Resort on the Bhote Kosi Canyon River. It's the same height as the bungee - 160 meters - as it lifts off the same suspension bridge. But instead of diving towards the river first, visitors fall face first for a few seconds before swinging from the cables attached to the sides of the canyon. Speeds of 150 km / h can be achieved!

Zip line

Pokhara was home to the longest zip line in the world until the United Arab Emirates took that honor in 2018! But with a length of 1.8 kilometers and a speed of 120 km / h, we don't think the Nepalese zip line comes in second!

Vespa city tour

Tugging around on the back of a moped in Kathmandu may not look like an adventure sport - until you experience Kathmandu traffic! Kathmandu Tour Company Vespa Valley offers tours of interesting sights in the city, such as street art or street food, from the back of a vintage-style Vespa. Don't take your life in your hands by driving to the capital, put it in the hands of a Vespa Valley driver with confidence!