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Study reveals: men love floral perfumes on us women

Have you had it in your sights for a while and are not sure how to wrap it around your finger? Of course, it mostly comes down to first impressions. We always thought that we could score with an attractive outfit, which the gentlemen of creation notice first, before we get into a conversation. We were really wrong about that. Before you start thinking about the perfect outfit, a voluminous hairstyle or a flattering compliment for him, you can simply rely on the result of a study. Because science has other news for us. Men do not find our looks sexy, but rather our perfume. And that too in a very specific scent note. Couldn't we have been told that much earlier? So that you don't have to grope in the dark for too long, let's now reveal the important information about the study for you.

Men find this scent particularly attractive in us

Of course, we want to please our crush for who we are. After all, he neither wants to get to know a disguised form of us, nor do we want to pretend we are someone else in the long run. But that doesn't mean we don't dress up on days when we know we'll see him. We like to leave the house with a little more mascara or gloss on our lips. Now, an American study says that this is well and good, but it doesn't really help if we really want to get his attention. The online shop Scentbird has researched and taken a closer look at the men. In doing so, they came across an astonishing result. A full 94 percent of the men surveyed admitted that they pay attention to the perfume of strange women. 66 percent of them even said that they find a woman who smells good much sexier than ladies who dress well. They have a very special smell in first place: floral fragrances!

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You should invest in this perfume now

We could not have dreamed in life that the majority of the men surveyed actually liked floral fragrances in us women. How good that studies like this always help us on the jumps and also give us such knowledge about men. Before you start your long search for a suitable perfume, we have already selected an absolute bestseller for you, with which you can wrap the gentlemen of creation around your finger. The fragrance "La Vie est Belle" by Lancôme is a real classic that spreads a perfect mix of spring feelings and elegance. The top note is pear, while the heart note with jasmine and rose brings in the floral elements. The base note, which contains patchouli and vanilla, ensures that your counterpart's senses are stolen in no time. In fact, every woman who is into rosy scents should have this bottle in her perfume collection. If you don't have this classic yet, you should get it now. You can get a 50 ml bottle from Amazon for around 55 euros.It pays to be quick. 💕

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