Is TRAI a power supply

Air pollution in รพ. สต. บ้าน ไตร สภาวะ คาม จ. เชียงใหม่, Ban Trai Saphawakham, Thailand, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI)

- Air quality values ​​(AQI)Levels for assessing the health hazard0 - 50WellThe air quality is satisfactory. Air pollution poses little or no risk.51 -100ModerateThe overall air quality is acceptable. However, some pollutants may have health concerns for a very small group of people who are exceptionally sensitive to air pollution.101-150Unhealthy for sensitive groups of peopleHealth effects can occur in sensitive groups of people. The general public is most likely not affected.151-200UnhealthyThe first health effects can appear in all groups of people. More serious health effects can occur in sensitive groups of people.201-300Very unhealthyHealth warning due to an emergency situation. The entire population is likely to be affected.300+hazardous to healthHealth Alert: Anyone could experience more serious health effects