How do you think about foreigners

Abstract: The analysis of the television programs preferred by children and adolescents between nine and 14 years of age, including various daily soaps, daily talks, court shows and tabloid magazines, revealed that stereotypes of foreigners are depicted there: Foreigners on television are often male Turks in macho roles up to the criminal. The front runners in the clich├ęd portrayal of the southern macho are the Daily Talks, whereas the criminal Turk has his permanent place in court shows. Despite these television images, this is another result of the study, children and young people are very interested in "real" information about foreigners. So there is z. B. the desire for background reports on the topics of foreigners in Germany, foreigners and their homeland, etc. The study includes a concept for a media educational school project that aims to enable children and young people to critically examine the image of foreigners conveyed by television. difu