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Harley Benton S-620 TR Rock Series Electric Guitar

Strong announcement

If you are looking for a super inexpensive guitar for rock and heavy sounds, you simply have to take a look at the Harley Benton S-620 TR Rock Series. For a lot of pocket money, metal and rock guitarists can get a budget guitar that offers value for money. Because the visual appearance of this model is an eye-catcher. Thanks to the translucent red finish of the curved Strat body, the grain of its linden wood shines through. And a high-gloss finish is the icing on the cake. The consistently golden machine heads of this Harley Benton guitar provide the cherry on top. Even the frame screws of the two humbuckers are gold-plated. The two HiGain pickups deliver powerful thrust. And to have a Floyd Rose style tremolo on board for this price is a strong announcement to the competition. Not to be forgotten is the white fingerboard binding, which ensures an all-round high-quality look for the entry-level guitar.

Lots of joy in playing

The fingerboard of the Harley Benton S-620 TR Rock Series is made of heat-treated maple, which provides a classic rosewood feel. Mother-of-pearl colored dot inlays are used here to provide orientation on the fingerboard. With its modern C-neck profile, the guitar comes with a particularly flat screwed maple neck, which is great for fast solo runs. A double-action truss rod is located inside the neck and enables its bend to be optimally adjusted. And budding lead guitarists will love the instrument's extended pitch range, because its 24 frets do not set limits to the joy of playing in the highest regions too early. Incidentally, the typical Strat scale length of 648 mm ensures that it is easy to play, even with long fingers.

Metal for beginners

The two humbuckers of the Harley Benton S-620 TR Rock Series deliver a comparatively high output. This guitar is therefore predestined for rock and metal sounds. Whammy bar virtuosos are favored by the knife edge tremolo, with which excessive bets can be implemented in both directions. For fans of bendings, the factory stringing with a .009-042 set will suit them. You don't have to use too much force here to boldly intervene in the intonation. Beginners who are looking for a low entry price into the world of metal guitars will find what they are looking for here, as well as advanced players who are looking for an inexpensive second guitar.

About Harley Benton

The Harley Benton brand has served the needs of many guitarists and bassists since 1997. In addition to an extensive range of stringed instruments, the Thomann house brand also offers a wide range of amplifiers, loudspeakers, effects pedals and other accessories. The range comprises a total of over 1,500 products. Manufactured by established manufacturers, all Harley Benton items convince with their quality, reliability and a low price. Due to the constant expansion of the portfolio, Harley Benton always offers new and innovative products for everyday music.

Entry-level model and second guitar

Advanced rock and metal guitarists can store the Harley Benton S-620 TR Rock Series as a practice guitar in the rehearsal room, have it at the start as an emergency backup for live performances or - if they teach themselves - offer it to their new guitar students as their first instrument in class. Beginners will find a great price-performance ratio here and can get an idea of ​​what they appreciate and / or miss in a guitar without a large investment. And this instrument also cuts a fine figure as a travel guitar. Because with such a low street price, this metal ax can get one or two quirks on the go without it hurting its owner's heart.

Explained in detail: Double-Action Truss Rod

The Double-Action Truss Rod is two firmly connected metal rods with opposing threads. They are inserted in the neck and are covered by the fingerboard glued to the neck from above. Turning the nut of the truss rod (also known as "T-Rod") to the right ensures a convex neck bend backwards, which means that the strings can rest on the frets over the middle string length in extreme cases. Turning it to the left causes a concave neck bend, so that the strings get a significantly higher string position on the middle string length. Double-Action Truss Rods are mainly used in thin necks because they have a straight groove and therefore take up little space.

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