What is hard work

Success: Hard work is stupid

Success: We always have something to do

Have you actually noticed that people are mercilessly rushed and always have something to do? Whether in the morning on the train or in the city.
For example, when I sit in a café, people run past me, do 3 things at the same time, and seem to be on the verge of collapse. They only do half things, but nothing right, not whole things.

It's the same at work. The pile of documents lies like a tower on the table and the later it gets, the better the feeling in the end, when you get into the car or train completely broken and drive home. For a brief moment anyway. However, self-doubt lies dormant beneath this superficial satisfaction.
But then the daily routine follows:
Get out of bed in the morning, kicked out, frustrated (because the pile of documents is not getting any smaller) to work and the same program is being unwound.
In the short term this may work, but in the long term it can only fail. Stress-related mental illnesses, burnout, frustration, illness and wasted precious life are the price that one has to sacrifice again and again. That's why you should think big, but act small!

Having a lot to do is on the one hand good and perfectly fine for a certain period of time, but for those who get chronic, they get a huge problem.

Success: Laziness leads to success

Diligence, discipline and hard work have made Germany an economic miracle, at least in the past. The belief that it still pays off today is omnipresent and yet these values ​​only count to a limited extent and are outdated.
Of course, discipline and diligence count, of course you have to do more than others to be successful, but researchers and employees and self-employed people neglect one fact:
You can spend 100 hours working and still not be successful because you neglect the essential and successful things.

Those who are hardworking are not necessarily intelligent and happy. Researchers found that lazy people tend to have higher IQs and spend a lot of time doing nothing.

5 tips to help you become more successful and "lazy"

1. Break through thought patterns for success

Anyone who becomes self-employed automatically acts against the norm of the employment relationship. In doing so, he has to overcome and break through the old thought patterns. It is the same at work.
Work less, become happier, because those who are happier will be more successful. Working less does not mean that you are no longer fulfilling your task, but that you allow yourself the freedom to master the tasks all the better. If you just sit tense in front of the computer and try with all your might to solve a task as brilliantly as possible, you will never achieve such good results as a person with a fresh, alert and relaxed mind.

2. Daydream

Those who keep thinking about the next task never think outside the box, but fail because of their own wishes because they neither see nor know them.
On the other hand, those who give their imagination enough space to “dream” about their next vacation, success and wishes will automatically motivate themselves and begin to focus.
And, quite clearly: He increases his creativity and pursues completely different goals than the ambitious employees, who have the next task at most as their next goal.

3. The right breaks

Nobody - nobody in the world - can work completely and regularly 10 hours a day. Studies show that men have the most effective working hours between 25 and 30 hours. Women get a value of 22 to 27 hours. For you this means: take short breaks, take a deep breath, go for a walk and let yourself be inspired by the fresh air and new thoughts.
To others, it may seem like lazy behavior at first, but it is actually a short phase in which you charge your battery.

4. Work selectively

Every working day is divided into different phases. Most people are particularly concentrated and productive in the mornings, while concentration decreases around lunchtime and digestion makes us tired and sluggish. In the evening, productivity then kicks in again.
Look exactly when you can achieve your best level of performance and put your work in exactly during this time. In between you can put less important tasks, meetings and phone calls. Thus you guarantee the maximum success in the shortest possible time.

5. Enjoy the success!

Many people want to be successful and if they are, then they neither enjoy the success nor are they reflective enough to be proud of themselves and their achievements.
You want to achieve your personal success so that you can ultimately enjoy it.
Also watch out for smaller successes and enjoy them. In this way you motivate and reward yourself at the same time and can build on it directly.

You see that "being lazy" means using your time intelligently, smartly and effectively to enjoy and continue to maximize your success!