Physics Is death real or an illusion

Illusion Death “: Rottaler makes a film about the very last question!

World premiere of the documentary on September 1st in Eggenfelden - Author Johann Nepomuk Maier: "Death is not real!"

EGGENFELDEN Johann Nepomuk Maier, up to now a management consultant (strategy and communication), has dealt more and more intensively with the future of mankind and the border areas of science, including the previously inexplicable phenomena such as spooky, telepathy and reincarnation. He himself had a supernatural experience: for a long time the voice of the deceased mother-in-law could be heard regularly every Saturday at 11 a.m. in the house - laughing!

His studies brought Maier to a conclusion: Scientists have known for decades that there is life after death - the last of all questions that troubles mankind like no other.

What Maier is surprising: That this new knowledge, especially from the field of quantum physics, psychology and near-death research, has so far hardly been noticed in public, because: “The research results are so huge and fundamental in their effects that this will lead to a paradigm shift in our previous materialistic worldview. "

The Rottaler was on the road for over a year to create a film documentary and to make interviews with the “probably most important and most renowned researchers” from the relevant scientific fields. Maier visited the interlocutors in London, Paris, Antwerp and Switzerland, among others.

And received “sensational statements”: “Matter is not built on matter. Basically there is no solid, substance ‘, only form and connection. Everything is connected with everything. Our reality arises from this "software", we can also call it mind or consciousness. But only in the moment when we look. "

According to Maier, it took more than half a century until some researchers dared to say what that means: “There is no space and no time in this dimension of potentiality - everything is one.” These unbeatable circumstantial evidence left no doubt: “Death is not real! “, Maier is convinced! The interviews with experts from the fields of quantum physics, medicine, neurology, psychology and biology as well as the sensitively gifted are the content of Maier's film documentary “Illusion Death. Beyond the Tangible II ”, which will have its world premiere on Friday, September 1st (8 pm) in the Eggenfelden cinema. Maier is particularly proud that Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr has his say in his film. Even though the long-time director of the Max Plank Institute is the only expert Maier was no longer able to interview personally because he died in 2014. Quantum physicist Dürr came to the conclusion that with this knowledge mankind will succeed in making living things more alive. Very good news for Maier! The film will run for a week in the Eggenfelden cinema. And then shown nationwide in selected cinemas. DVD and book about the film will be released in mid-September.

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