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Inside PriceHubble: Meeting with Maxime, Lead Data Acquisition

Hello Maxim! First things first - can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello, I'm Maxime, 26 years old, French and I work in PriceHubble's Paris office.

A few years ago I graduated from the CentraleSupelec engineering school, where I mainly dealt with computer science and applied mathematics and received an engineering degree in applied mathematics and data science. During my engineering studies I took a year in between. First I worked for six months as a data scientist for a French consulting company, then I joined PriceHubble in January 2018 as an intern in data engineering.

I love software development and am generally curious about everything that has to do with computer science, such as data engineering, data science, cybersecurity, etc. After work, I really enjoy doing sports such as jogging or football, and I am passionate about cooking.

What is your life and work like at PriceHubble?

My career at PriceHubble is a bit atypical: As already mentioned, I first came to the company as an intern, then again as a trainee and finally as a full-time employee. I worked as a data engineer for three years and had the opportunity to deal with many topics such as data pipelines, APIs and infrastructure.

Now I am leading the data acquisition team, which consists of five other engineers from all over the world (Germany, Spain, Belarus and Tunisia). We work on our pipelines and models every day with other colleagues in the data team. In addition, there is close cooperation with the product team and also the business teams (e.g. product owner, country manager).

During a normal working day I program (I really enjoy it!), Check codes, coordinate ongoing work, discuss technical challenges and plan the next steps with the team.

What do you like about working at PriceHubble?

PriceHubble is a fast growing company. I've been with us for three years - we've been around for five years now - and it was an incredible experience to see the team grow from 15 to almost 100 Hubblers. The company has expanded from originally two countries to more than six and has mastered the various challenges a start-up encounters in its various growth phases.

I like working for an international company that has offices in Zurich, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Hamburg, Minsk, Vienna and Amsterdam. In addition, there are many colleagues who work in the home office anywhere in the world. It's really fun to talk and interact with people from so many countries every day.

As a data engineer, it is very important to me to work in an environment where data is at the heart of corporate strategy and function and not just a supporting role for the business. Data is central to PriceHubble because we feed our APIs and models with it and it forms the starting point of the value chain that we offer our customers.

PriceHubble is a great “playground” for data engineers (and in general for all engineers), because you can always find a smart colleague with whom you can discuss challenges, and because the technologies used are state-of-the-art (Kubernetes, cloud Computing, Spark, Airflow, etc.). We're not afraid to migrate away from older stacks (e.g. from Luigi to Airflow). Our main focus is to develop high quality software. Outstanding technology is always rewarded and encouraged at PriceHubble.

Last but not least, I can't talk about all of the perks at PriceHubble without briefly mentioning the Paris team. The colleagues are really nice. We are a well-rehearsed team, we all know each other well and often spend time together: a beer together (on our beautiful roof terrace), running together during the lunch break, playing football or table football.

Why would you recommend others to work at PriceHubble?

If you are looking for a great start-up experience, are looking for an international environment in which you can work on a wide variety of topics, and if you want to solve exciting challenges related to data, then PriceHubble is the place for you ! If I've made you curious and want to know more, then get in touch on LinkedIn.