How does Dr. Pepper

Dr Pepper - Tastes good. But not everyone.

It is getting loud about the unique beverage brand. Because the cult soft drink Dr Pepper is going full throttle and starts this year with its “Schmeckt. But not for everyone. ”- Campaign through.

Not everyone likes the unmistakable mixture of 23 different flavors. She shouldn't either. Because whoever likes Dr Pepper is different from others: with a preference for unusual taste, a pronounced sense of humor and, above all, having fun being different. And so is the new Dr Pepper campaign: brave, loud and unconventional.

From August, the cult brand with American roots will show what it's all about: From gamers, streamers, musicians to athletes - the new campaign is aimed primarily at young, urban people with a passion for Marvel blockbusters, battle royale or skatepark- Romance. A real Dr Pepper fan does not follow trends but stays true to his own taste. Pure enjoyment without compromise… “Tastes good. But not everyone. ".

In addition to the allusion to the unique taste, the new claim encourages staying true to yourself and enjoying it to the full, just not complying with the norm. Under the campaign motto, the brand is starting a large-scale digital campaign with a social media focus and a strong activation in retail for widespread attention. A unique POS appearance and accompanying activation through competitions creates additional visibility and promotes sales. Whether "hot doctor games in winter" or "pure adrenalin" - humor and a pinch of irony form the core of the new communication.

In addition to well-known containers, Dr Pepper is also launching a newly designed 0.5l PET container during the campaign period, which will be available on the shelves of food retailers, hypermarkets and beverage pick-up markets.

Philipp Raddatz, Managing Director Marketing & Sales at Drinks & More, sums it up: “The new campaign reveals the true DNA of the cult product: bold, edgy and simply different. For us, this year is just the beginning of a long-term campaign that will make the Dr Pepper brand the 'Talk of Town' in 2019. "

So you can be curious, because not everyone might like this substance and that's a good thing.

About Dr Pepper
The caffeinated soft drink Dr Pepper offers a unique and typical taste experience. The mixture of 23 aromas creates an unmistakable interplay of cherry, cinnamon, marzipan and almonds. The complete formulation, created by pharmacist Charles Alderton in Waco, Texas, has been a company secret since 1885, making Dr Pepper the oldest soft drink in the United States. As a true cult drink, Dr Pepper has embodied the unconventional American lifestyle for over 130 years.

In addition to Dr Pepper Classic, there are also the varieties Cherry and Dr Pepper Energy. Dr Pepper is available in cans and disposable bottles on the German market.

About Drinks & More
Drinks & More is a leading national premium beverage marketer based in the lifestyle metropolis of Berlin and has been responsible for sales and marketing of Orangina in Germany since September 2015. In addition to premium lemonade, the Drinks & More portfolio under the managing directors Martin Wurzinger, Michael Kröhl and Philipp Raddatz includes top brands such as Schweppes, Dr Pepper and Vöslauer. The Berlin premium beverage marketer is also expanding trend brands such as Provisions, Vitamin Well and Rose’s. As part of the Krombacher Group, which with an annual output of over 7 million hectoliters is one of the largest beverage manufacturers in Germany, Drinks & More has the greatest expertise and competence in the beverage industry.

Source / image source: Drinks & More GmbH & Co. KG

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